Giving Forgiveness=FREEDOM

So, I was recently asked what my views were on forgiveness.  I thought that was a great subject for my next blog that encompasses all things tied into being more happy, more positive and living a fuller life.  So….here I am explaining my personal thoughts on the topic of forgiving. (I claim to be NO expert….just a person who is honest and sharing her opinions 🙂 )   Let’s begin shall we……

I love the above quote….this (to me) is entirely TRUE.  Forgiveness is more about YOU than the person(s) who may have upset or hurt your feelings.  I know, I know….those two words “I Forgive” are so simple yet SO HARD to say. (I too have struggled with this in the past, but today I know that forgiving those who may have hurt us with their words or actions leads to a happier mindset…I will explain)

When we forgive the person or the situation you GIVE UP the power that it is/has held over you. (You know……those icky feelings of hate, disgust, upset and hurt feelings…all those emotions that tend to make you feel bad inside…and when you feel bad on the inside….how do you act on the outside?? Not too good, right?) You now take control of the situation, how you feel and you move on.  (Why hold onto feelings or thoughts that do NOT feel good or serve you for the better??) Free YOURSELF for the situation and power it holds over your emotions……..(See below picture….how perfect is that?)

Now….I’m not saying you have to run over to the person who has hurt you, hug them and tell them to their face “I forgive you for…..”.  (you can if you want to, but that’s not how it has to be done. Plus, let’s face it….not many of us want to do that. haha) For me, I simply step away, see the situation for what it is/was, forgive the person (because let’s face it….generally the way a person treats you says way more about them than it does you. ) and MOVE ON. I forgive and move on (I don’t forget about what happened, but I do not dwell on it.  All that does is constantly remind me of how that person made me feel and takes me out of my “happy zone”.)  When I find myself slipping into that state of being mad at someone I remind myself of this saying (putting it into my own words) “Staying mad or angry at someone is like slowly sipping on poison hoping it will kill them.” How true is that little saying?  (really let it soak in……ewwww, staying mad or having hate toward someone is like YOU drinking the poison and hoping it hurts the other person? NO THANK YOU. haha)

 When someone hurts us it can be really tough to issue forgiveness to them, but remember you are forgiving them so YOU can move on and stay in your “happy flow”.  Forgive, move on, send them love and go on with your happy, loving and positive existence. (All this can be done within you….you don’t need to tell the person to their face “I forgive you”…….now, if the person comes to you to apologize or discuss how they may have hurt you…then that’s different.  You can listen to what they have to say and simply end it by saying you forgive them and would like to move on from the situation.)  Remember my last blog post about stating “It ALL starts with love”?  Well, it’s true.  You can’t live a life full of love, happiness, positivity and kindness if you let a part of yourself stew in the pain that someone else has caused you.  We can’t control others….but we can control how we react and we CAN forgive.

With all this said…..I want you to know we are ALL human.  We get our feelings hurt and yes, we get mad. The thing that I’ve realized most is that when I allow what another person said or did to keep me mad it is really me giving that person/situation the power of me and how I WANT to feel inside.  You are the decider of your emotions, your attitude and your outlook on life….Why allow ones actions to dictate that for you?  I tend to see the situation, take account of my feelings, forgive, release those feelings (jumping right back into my happy stream) and MOVE ON.  After I do all that…I’m done with that situation…I don’t want to rehash it, talk about it…I’ve moved on and I’m back in the flow of “Happy Nichol”.  (No offense to you don’t waste your time…here’s why…Cuz I’m Happppppy  🙂 )

I’m sure some of you are asking yourself “Do I have to be friends with them?”  Absolutely NOT. (haha).  Forgiving someone is not about allowing them right back into your life….it’s about moving past the emotions it invoked and taking back the control in your OWN life. Personally for me….it isn’t about the “other” person…I do this for ME and ONLY ME.

So there you have it folks…my personal thoughts regarding “forgiveness”.  Let it all sink in and remember…..It STARTS with LOVE.  Love yourself, send love to those who come into contact with you and be KIND.  (the world already has enough Negative Nancy’s in it…ha ha)



It ALL starts with LOVE……..

Well, we all know how I feel about being happy, positive, kind and loving. So I thought it was time to blog about the power of love, happiness and positivity. (sorry if I seem to ramble in this blog post…just go with it and pretend like it flows. ha ha).

Where to start….hmmm…….. For me, it’s in my nature and now a habit to send all I meet love and kindness. Regardless of how close they are to me….I always send everyone I meet love, kindness and wish them well. (as we all should) It is not my job to press judgments upon everyone I meet or counsel them for what areas of weakness they may have (or for what others may think of them.)….it is my job to show love, compassion and kindness to them. The world has far TOO MANY critics in it as it is (we are among that…we tend to be our own WORST critic)….so why add to that? Why NOT be the CHANGE? Why not show everyone you meet love? This isn’t to say you have to like everyone you meet or come in contact with, but it is to say that you should do your very best to always let love shine through you in EVERY.SINGLE. encounter you make. I have always loved the saying “Do ALL things with LOVE.” Exactly….do everything you do with love. I want everyone I come into contact with to leave feeling like they are buzzing with happy, loving and positive energy. I talk to everyone and am kind to everyone…regardless of their circumstances or what others may think of them. To me… show everyone respect and kindness. (Some we can choose to love from a distance…haha)

What I’m basically saying is….BE the BEST version of YOU that you can. Do not change who you are just to appease others around you. Do not judge others or their situations as you are not in their shoes or living their life. Be yourself and you will attract those who LOVE you for YOU and will be attracted to what energy you are putting out……happy, loving and POSITIVE energy : ) (Every single day I wake up putting my best foot forward and go into the world to interact with others while allowing the love and gratitude to flow.) BE KIND. BE RESPECTFUL. (Remember what your momma said….”If you haven’t nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all” : ) )


Also, LOVE YOURSELF! It starts deep inside….way inside…within you.  You gotta LOVE YOU! You have to be love, you have to show love and then be willing to receive love.  If you don’t love and respect yourself….How do you think you perceive the world around you?  How do you think the world sees you?  What energy are you giving off?  When we are in a state of not loving ourselves we tend to not love those things around us. (you gossip, you come off angry, no one wants to be around you, you complain, etc….ugh I’m exhausted just typing that out.  Who would want to have this attitude? haha)  I don’t know about you….but that is certainly not a place I want to hang around.  I LOVE being in this constant state of upbeat, happy, loving life and positivity filled life that I live. (Yes, it’s true….I REALLY am this person I say I am….I am me…100%, authentically this “happy, loving and positive” Nichol. If you truly know me and what I stand for….you know this to be true.  Those who question it….do not know the true Nichol.)

The best advice I can give to starting your journey toward a more positive and happy filled life would be to start with YOU.  Look inside yourself and start there.  No one is perfect….perfection is an illusion.  We are all unique individuals who are on the path of constant growth.  Each and everyday is a NEW day to be better than you were yesterday.  Life is NOT a competition.  It’s a journey of self growth and discovery.  The number one thing we are all here to learn is pure love.  Hatred, gossip and anger are such poisonous emotions that you must learn to ditch…like now.  (Are you ready to sip on my happy juice yet?? : ) )

So…go ahead…take a BIG swig of the happy juice I’m drinking.  I promise you will want more of it and the more you drink it….the brighter your world seems to become : )


Chia Seed Pudding

FIRST, we must discuss what Chia Seeds are (to those of you who don’t know…time to educate you and blow yo mind, yo!) and some of the awesome BENEFITS these tiny guys pack!

What are Chia Seeds Nichol?
Chia seeds are  an edible seed that comes from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, grown in Mexico dating back to Mayan and Aztec cultures. Chia seeds serve as a great energy boosting source.  They are packed with protein, carbs, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium and fiber. (These guys are a nutritional powerhouse….you SHOULD be adding these to your diet) They have a very light (usually described as “nutty”) flavor…..they taste like nothing to me.  (flavorless…haha).  You can find these at your local health food store or online at such places as,, etc. These little seeds when added with liquids start to “gel” up and get more voluminous (this is why they help you stay fuller longer)

For those curious, here is the nutritional breakdown of a 2tbsp serving size of chia seeds:
Protein: 4g
Fat:9g (remember…these ARE good fats. Your body NEEDS good fats to lose body fat and function at an optimum level.  DO NOT be scared of GOOD fats. Eat up!)
Calories: 139 cals

How do you eat Chia Seeds Nichol?
There are many ways to use/eat them.  Here are some of the ways I implement chia seeds into my diet on a daily basis (I aim for at least 3 tbsp. daily).  I add them to my oatmeal, smoothies, on top of my pb toast in the morning, bake with them (they act as a GREAT binder, great egg sub) and for my recipe, Chia Seed Pudding, that I’m going to share with you today!

What are the benefits if I do eat chia seeds Nichol?
(Here are the Top 10 MOST common reasons I have read/found)
1. Provides a good dose of Fiber.
2. Helps with belly fat (well, sign us all up…who doesn’t want to keep belly fat away!?!?)
3. Good dose of protein. (Feed those muscles….muscles need food. )
4. Helps deliver that calcium for healthier bones and teeth. (Osteoporosis who?!?!?)
5. Healthy Heart (Keep that heart pumping long and strong)
6. Provides a great dose of Phosphorus. (body uses this protein to help with cell/tissue growth and repair)
7. Lowers blood pressure,  increases your healthy cholesterol, lowers your LDL and triglyceride levels. (Again….gotta keep that heart healthy!)
8. Helps with digestion AND helps those who aren’t “regular”. (Seriously, it blows my mind when I hear people tell me they don’t go DAILY!?!?  What??!?!?!  Add chia seeds to your diet…like NOW! haha)
9. Helps with brain health with all those omega-3’s (wanna keep that brain sharp, sassy and on top of your game?  Add chia seeds!)
10. Because Nichol said to…that’s why 🙂  (Seriously, add these guys.  They are a powerhouse food and SO easy to add to your already existing diet. You can thank me later)
Now that we discussed what chia is and all the fab things it can do for you and that body….let’s get to the CHIA SEED PUDDING recipe : )
What you Need:
3 tbsp. Chia Seeds
1/2 cup Unsweetend Almond Milk (can use coconut, soy or regular milk if you want to as well.  I’m sure some are like “Hey, I’m going to try chia seeds Nichol…..can I at least use my normal milk bc this all sounds foreign to me?!?!” haha.  Add whatever milk you want.)
Raw Honey
1. Add chia seeds to small bowl/container, cover with milk and stir really good.  Put in fridge for at least an hour….and wait.  (Yep, that’s it so far.  See???  Easy!)
2. After the hour is up…pull it out  and stir it some more (just incase there is some loose seeds at bottom.) Then add a little honey and cinnamon (add as much as you want….it’s your bowl…you know how you like it to taste in terms of sweetness : )  ) Stir it all together.
You can eat it just like that OR you can top with fresh fruit (like I did in picture above). ANY toppings you want… (like pb, bananas, choc chips, protein powder…anything.  Be creative).
I hope you enjoy this fast, easy and healthy treat.  I eat it pre/post workout, as a snack, dessert and even breakfast.  It’s super versatile and yummy.  Add the things you like to it and get to eating : )

“Hulk” up those eggs….Introducing, Grown Up “Green Eggs”

For those who don’t know…I LOVE to eat! (and I eat lots of food)  Key things for me have to be: gluten free, dairy free, clean, quick, easy and free of meats (aside from seafood/fish..I do consume those 2-3 times a week).  So I look up recipes all over the place, make up my own, bake up new things and just experiment.  I love sharing and that is exactly what I’m going to do today. I’m going to share a quick, easy and healthy PROTEIN PACKED recipe.  Enjoy! : )

I posted this recipe a long while back on the private fitness/health board I run through FB. This is a staple of mine that I eat at least twice a week. Since I am a pesco-ovo-tarian (means I only eat fish/seafood and eggs along with fruits/veggies/gluten free grains. No other meats and no dairy. I will explain my transition into my current eating lifestyle in another blog 🙂 ) I am always thinking of healthy, unique ways to up my protein through foods I currently eat.  I came up with this one day as I was making breakfast….I thought “Why not blend it up and see how that taste? Same effect, just all blended up. I did just that and the results were nothing less than tasty!!!  (It may look weird or gross to you, but try it.  It’s great.  PLUS, if you are trying to squeeze in your veggies and aren’t very keen on eating them….this is a great way to sneak them into your eggs.  You can’t taste the spinach 🙂 )

So, how much protein are in eggs and spinach?
Roughly about 6 grams of protein in ONE whole egg and 0.9 grams of protein in a loosely packed cup of spinach.  (Bet you didn’t know your veggies DO contain protein, right?  Well, they do…..I’ve even done a Vegan lifestyle.  This taught me SO much about plant based protein…it’s pretty cool. )  Now, I’m a HUGE egg white kinda girl, but I do know the yolk has some great benefits for you……..(see below)

Benefits of the yolk:
-Has the richest source of B Vitamin complex called “Choline” (What does Choline do?  Produces better neurological function and reduced inflammation in the body. Also, once Choline is broken down it helps produce ‘happiness’ hormones like serotonin, dopamine and norephinephrine.  What???? Happiness can be eaten?  Sign ME UP 🙂  )

-Contains two carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin (These two guys help protect against vision lost)

– Contains sulfur (helps with everything from vitamin B absorption to liver function, helps with production of collagen and keratin.  These 2 guys help create/maintain shiny hair/strong nails AND glowing skin.  See, even more reason to try adding egg yolks to our diets!)

So, as you  see above the yolk does provide quite a few awesome benefits. I will be first to admit….I generally stick to egg whites, but only because I really dislike the taste of the yolk. (weird, I know….haha) Camouflaging the flavor by blending the eggs together with spinach TOTALLY helps me to eat the yolks.

Okay…we discussed the benefits of egg yolks….let’s talk about the benefits of adding spinach to your diets.  (Other than being as strong as Popeye 🙂 ) (see below…..just going to list a few.  There are TONS. Spinach is a powerhouse!  You should def be adding this to your diet however you can…salads, green smoothies, “Green Eggs”, etc. )

Benefits of eating spinach:
-Best dietary source of potassium
-High in iron (which iron helps the body with energy levels.  Who doesn’t want more energy?)
-Diabetes management
-Healthy skin, hair and nails
-Cancer prevention
-Helps metabolism (help heat up that metabolism fire..feed it)

Whew…lots of info above.  I just wanted to give you a little info on the foods and why it’s a nutritionally dense, power packed and healthy food to make for yourself (fuel your body with nutrient dense foods to get the most optimal function out of it… me, it will thank you 🙂 )

(Here are my adult “Green Eggs”. I cooked mine in coconut oil with green peppers/onions/tomatoes and broccoli. You can do it with eggs alone, with other veggies, meat, cheese…whatever. It’s your creation…make it however you want. Enjoy!)

3 whole eggs (I use organic/cage free eggs)
1-2 cups loose packed spinach (I use Organic)
Chopped veggies/lean meats or cheese (if you want to add more mix ins to your scramble)

-Crack all eggs into blender, add your spinach and blend on high.  Yep…that’s it.  Blend it up until well combined.

-Then pour mixture onto a heated skillet with your oil (I personally love cooking with coconut oil.  It’s my fave), add your veggies/toppings,etc.

-Cook until eggs are done, serve with toast (gluten free for me please), side of fruit and a hot cup of coffee (or tea) and then….ENJOY!

Like I said…… this is a yummy, quick and easy way for me to get a nutrient dense, protein packed and healthy meal in.  This packs me with about roughly 20 grams of protein : )  (eat that protein…feed those muscles).

I hope you enjoy the recipes I post.  Lots of people ask me what I eat and I’m always sharing it with m

Oil Pulling……What it is and what can you expect.

So….I first came across “Oil Pulling” a long while back, but honestly thought NOTHING of it (to me…I thought you did if you had bad dental issues.) Then on a private board I run via facebook (for fitness, healthy and recipes) we were discussing natural ways to clean our face/facial masks using non-toxic materials when one of my members talked about “Oil Pulling”. This intrigued me…so I asked why she did it, how she did it, etc. After getting a little info I went on a researching frenzy (see…told you I’m an avid learner. I research tons of things and then teach myself all about it. Never stop learning friends 🙂 ) Oh… want to know what “Oil Pulling” is, what it does, how to do it and what you can expect, right? (I KNOW most of you were like..seriously, what the HECK is this oil pulling biz Nichol is talking about!)

What is “Oil Pulling” ?
Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method in which you swish oil (such as coconut oil or sesame oil) around in your mouth (pulling it back in both through your teeth) for 15-20 minutes, once a day (but from what I read it can be done as much as 3 times a day). It’s also suggested to do this on an empty stomach. Why on an empty stomach you may be asking?? I’ve read it’s due to risk of vomiting if you have too much food in your stomach as this can trigger gag reflex (haha…I can see some of you thinking “Why do I even want to attempt this now if it may cause me to gag?”) I can safely tell you I’ve done this in the middle of the day…maybe about 30 min after eating…and did not puke 🙂  (I just suggest maybe starting this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach until you get the hang of it…and use to the texture you initially feel while plopping a glop of coconut oil into your mouth). Okay…now that you know a little more about “oil pulling” you may be curious how to do it… let me explain.

1. You will need raw, organic, cold pressed Coconut Oil (you can also use Sesame Oil (organic) as well.  This is typically how it was done, but Coconut Oil works very well from all that I have read.  It’s also suggested you alternate between oils too…so you get different effects from each type.)

2. You will take about a spoonful of the oil (1 tbsp is  what they recommend.  I suggest if you are new to this and afraid you may gag due to texture…go smaller, you can always increase how much you pull the more experience you gain with this.)  NOW, I want to put a disclaimer on this…..the texture and feeling of having this glop of oil in your mouth is VERY weird. I suggest chewing the oil up very fast (try to not breath much while doing…something about chewing, breathing in the oil combo made me a little weirded out….haha) ONCE the oil is melted enough…start pulling it back and forth between your teeth, swish it around…pull it. (it is almost like warm water once it’s melted…and so easy after you get that bad boy chomped down….so chomp chomp chomp away on that oil until it’s melted. )

3. Okay…we got the oil in our mouth and we are pulling it, NOW what?  Well….do something for the next 20 minutes to pass the time. (Email, clean, read, zone out, go to Nichol’s blog to read her awesomeness, 🙂 or you can dance…like I did.  I ran through some choreo for my fitness classes while I pulled one day.  Hey, don’t judge…it passed the time 🙂 )  Again, if you are new to this and working your way into  “oil pulling” and doing 20 minutes is SO NOT GONNA happen for you…that’s okay.  Start small…and build yourself up.  Do 5 minutes the first day…then 10 the next and so on.  Do what you can to build yourself up to 20 minutes a day.  (I have read TONS of articles on this…some experts say to do 20 minutes a day (no less), some say 10-15 minutes…..but 20 min seems to be the most “common” time frame. So that’s what I personally shoot for)

4.  Beep Beep Beep…20 minutes up, now what?  You are DONE!!  (I’m envisioning “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang playing in the background….it’s okay, I will wait while you youtube it to see what song it is…haha) Time to spit it out….DO NOT spit this in the sink (over time the build up of oil can possibly clog your drains)…’s best to spit it out in the garbage.  After you do that…rinse and brush.( you can finally eat if you did this first thing in the morning)  You are DONE!!!  “Yahoooooooo……’s a celebration!”

Okay, now that we covered what it is and how to do it… probably want to know what benefits this “oil pulling” can provide you…right???  (No worries….I am going to fill you in)

Benefits: (these are based off of several different things I have read..I pulled the Top 10 most common benefits.  There are LOTS more!)
1. Prevent and Heal gum disease and/or tooth decay.
2. Whitens Teeth
3. Freshens Breath
4. Supports and strengthens the body and the Immune System (healthier, happier functioning body…yes! High fives all around! )
5. Removes toxins from body
6. Decreases arthritis flare ups
7. Prevents and helps with heart disease
8. Improves chronic skin conditions (acne, eczema, dryness, dry scalp)
9. Helps improve kidney function
10. Boost your energy levels and helps with fatigue (who doesn’t want more energy??)

So…..whew! Lots of info up there for you to digest.  Before I sign off I want to tell you about MY personal experience….I have been “oil pulling” now for 8 days (as of this morning).  What have I noticed so far??? Well, since I’ve ONLY been doing this for a little over a week…..I have noticed 2 things : Clearer skin and LESS nasal congestion! I noticed the improved breathing through my nose after 1 day!  (not kidding…totally serious).  I’ve always had a feeling of “stuffed up” in my nasal passages (not sure why..but always have).  As soon as I got done pulling I could breath…like really, really good.  At first I thought I was making it up in my head…(you know, trying to believe this “oil pulling” was a totally awesome holistic miracle worker……)….but you know what?  It’s NOT just in my head….since I started to pull my nasal passages have NOT been congested at all.  After the breathing improvement I noticed glowing, more radiant skin too.  (AND we all WANT that, right????)  So for me, this “oil pulling” biz is now added to my routine (I even got my hubby to start doing it too 🙂 )  8 days in….and already had 2 wonderful results….can’t wait to see what else happens! : )

As always, if you have any questions or need tips/advice feel free to ask me. I’m always here to help and I enjoy sharing what I learn with you all : ) (remember..I claim to be no expert….just a very curious girl on her mission to learning more holistic ways to improve her health…..)  I hope you enjoyed this blog entry….Happy Oil Pulling to you all : )


“Okay Nichol, what the HECK is the LOA?????”

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!!!!

I frequently get asked “What books should I read to learn more about positivity?”, “What podcast do you listen to?”, “Where do I start to if I want to GET HAPPY?”, “How do you stay so happy every day?” and “What the heck is the Law of Attraction?”…, I thought ,”What better way to kick off the talks on getting happier, more positive and changing your LIFE than by discussing the LOA : ) (hold onto your seats, play some happy music and read on…I hope this helps you gain a little insight into what started me on my way)

First thing first……..”What is the LOA?”

The LOA is the belief that “like attracts like”.  Therefore, if you think positively…you attract positive things into your life.  If you think abundantly….you attract abundance into your life.  So…..guess what happens when you think negative thoughts or lack of this/that thoughts???  You guessed it… attract those negative things into your life and you always seem to lack.  (Now, I’m no expert…but think about it…when you constantly say “Uhhhh, I NEVER have any money!! Ever!”  How often do you find yourself with lots of money??  Probably not very often. When you focus on all that you don’t have….you seem to have a LOT more of the “lack” of things in life.) The LOA is all based on energy and the vibration of thoughts you are sending out into the Universe……..this is why we must choose our thoughts/feelings in the best way we can.  (Attitude of Gratitude… grateful for what you DO have.) That is pretty much how the LOA works in a nutshell….If you want to learn more I highly suggest watching the documentary “The Secret”.(watching this movie propelled me full force into the way I live my life today. Changed my outlook, my thoughts…my attitude)

Here are some tips I want to leave you with that can help jump start a more positive attitude:

1. Keep a gratitude journal.  Every night before bed write down 5 things you are grateful for.  (it can be anything…coffee, clean socks, this AWESOME blog…haha). Starting the practice of actively seeing what awesome things you have to be thankful for will totally jumpstart that positive vibe inside : )  (grab a pen and paper….write it all out!  See…you feel uplifted already, right?!?!?)

2. STOP focusing on what your life lacks…..focus on what you are THANKFUL for. (I use to be one who complained about what my life lacked (gaspppp…I know! Shocker, right?) and guess what? When I did that…my life never improved in those areas where I felt lacked.  It wasn’t until I STOPPED doing that and just practiced being grateful that all areas improved DRAMATICALLY….no joke, not kidding.  This stuff works! 🙂 )

3. CHOOSE to have a great day….as soon as you wake up……before you step out of your bed tell yourself: “I’m awesome….and today is going to be even MORE awesome!” (your attitude plays a HUGE role in how your day goes and how others respond to you throughout your day)

4. Be kind to yourself and to others. (The BEP had it right when they sang “Where is the Looooooove???”  Seriously, SHOW yourself and others love.  When you give love and show it…so much more will be returned to you…in return filling up that happiness/positive  tank of yours : )  Who knew, right??)

5. Remember that you have a CHOICE. (“What does that mean Nichol??” What I mean is that YOU have the choice to pick how you respond, how your attitude is going to be that day or at that moment….HAPPINESS is a CHOICE!  Once you decide on your emotion…OWN it….BE it.  I personally love being in a good, happy and positive mood every day.  I make a conscious effort to be just that.  It’s my choice….and guess what?  It’s your choice too.  All you have to do is DECIDE.  So…..which attitude do you want to have?)

Sorry this blog got all “wordy”…I tried to sum up the LOA, how it works and things I did to make this attitude a habit for me.  Today….being this bubbly, happy, positive, inspired and loving person I am has become second nature to me.  This is me….this is who I am…and this is who I have always been meant to be.  I hope this gives you some inspiration to start your path into a happier, more positive and loving YOU : )

I plan to blog more on this, but with more detail into books…movies…podcasts that I read when I started my journey. (so watch for that soon if learning more about positive thinking interest you. )




Houston…..we HAVE a sweet tooth!

Houston.....we HAVE a sweet tooth!

So, for my next blog I thought “What better thing to talk about than my LOVE for food?!?!”. I love to eat….and I eat a lot (like a lot..haha). For me….figuring out things I can eat in my daily life that are clean, gluten/dairy free and organic are key (I will get into my evolution into the world of clean eating….gluten free…dairy free…vegan…then back to eating meat, but FISH only…whew. Saving it for another blog) I like to mess around with recipes, look for ideas through Pinterest, Instagram….everywhere. (Did I mention I’m an avid learner??) Researching, reading and learning more have been the key that led me to the way I eat today. So…anyway…back to sweets (Yum…my fave). I want to share with you a quick, easy and YUMMY recipe I created messing around in my kitchen one day…all because I had a major sweet tooth (and some VERY ripe bananas that I didn’t want to waste). I created this yummy gluten/dairy free and organic treat I call “Banana Chocolate Chip Bread” (it’s good…trust me!).

So here is this yummy recipe I probably make at least once a week….(it def saves me from raiding my little ones candy stash..haha)

3 Ripe Bananas
3 Cups Oats (gluten free is what I use)
1 cup choc chips (I use Good Life. They are dairy free)
3 tbsp chia seeds (optional)
1 egg
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 c Unsweetened Almond Milk (may need more if mix is too thick)

Preheat oven to 350

Peel bananas, place in a bowl and mash them up really good until it looks combined (lumps are okay).

Take your 3 cups of oats, place in a blender or food processor. Blend or pulse until the oats are turned into “oat flour”. (should look like flour)

Combine oat flour, chocolate chips, chia seeds, baking soda and egg with banana mix. Mix these together until combined.

After you get all ingredients combined start to add in your almond milk. (I generally just add straight from carton and keep adding until mix looks like cake batter). Stir everything together until well combined.

Place mix from the bowl into a greased 13×9 baking dish. (Spread mix evenly).

Place in oven for 15-17 minutes. (mine is usually ready in 17 minutes. I do the “knife check” test to see if it comes out clean)


This is def a fave of mine….you can always use fruit like strawberries or blueberries in this instead of chocolate chips. You can add in protein powder too (which I have done as well). This is just what I do….but you can totally transform this into whatever you want : )

So…combat that sweet tooth and get to baking. These store really well in Tupperware containers in fridge. I personally LOVE them cold too (Is that weird? Bc if it is….I wanna be weird. Yum!)