The Rest is Still Unwritten………

Hey Hey! I hope you are all off to an amazing week filled with happiness, love and LOTS of positive energy! ( I know I am : ) ) Today I wanted to talk about how we ARE the writers and deciders of our life.  How it’s up to us to be happy….be positive…create the life we want….and just ENJOY the present moment. Hope you enjoy this post today : )

So, I was dropping my little ones off to school this morning and I heard the song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield (if you don’t know this song….go youtube it.  I love it.) I was singing along and really zoned in on her lyrics…..then it hit me….this song is the perfect inspiration for my next blog post!!!! (so, here we are…..with a new blog. Thanks Natasha! haha)  To me…..this song speaks on many levels of how we are in control of our lives, our happiness and what we want to fill our pages with . (“I’m just beginning, the pens in my hand, ending unplanned” )…It’s about living your life…not being afraid to take chances….”coloring outside the lines” and not being afraid to make mistakes…..being happy… in the present moment….enjoyment….realizing that your life is UNWRITTEN until YOU fill the page with what you want your life story to say. (“Staring at the blank page before you……”)

This song inspired me to really think, “We are the deciders of our life story….how many  people realize this?”.  How many of you out there know how powerful you are in “filling up” those unwritten pages of your life with your attitude and intentions? Well, if you don’t….I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE POWERFUL.  Your attitude, your thoughts and your intentions play a huge role in how you shape the book in your “life story”.  The pages that lie before you are UNWRITTEN and are waiting to be filled up by YOU.  You are the author in your book of life……how are you going to fill those pages?  Me…..I’m going to fill them with as much love, happiness, kindness, positive energy, smiles, appreciation, gratitude and ENJOYMENT as I can.

The wonderful thing about your life is that it’s YOUR story…no one else’s.  You get to decide every single day how you want to feel, how you react to situations and what you do with your day. (yes, we all have responsibilities or things we must do everyday…some of which we don’t want to do. BUT…when you go at those moments with a crappy attitude….does it really make those things easier to do? NO.  So why not choose a better suited attitude)  Stop giving power to situations and the people around you……stop giving them the power to affect your mood, attitude and your day.  Erase those moments from your “story” and rewrite it with how you WANT it to be. (not saying you can “delete” those things that come up, but you can decide how you want to react to it, if you want to give it energy, etc.. …)  When I say “It’s all about your attitude. Happiness and positivity is a CHOICE.”, I totally mean it.  It is.  It’s all an INSIDE JOB. The more you practice the “attitude of gratitude” and realizing just how MUCH you have to be thankful for in this life…..the better elevated your attitude will become. (Stop what you are doing right now…..say aloud 5 things you are grateful for…right now.  See, I bet you could keep naming stuff off…..Be Grateful) The more your practice this “attitude of gratitude” the more habit forming it becomes (trust me, I know…..a couple years ago I was in the same boat as many of you….trying to think more positive, trying to stay happy and trying to figure out how to make it all habit.  I’m here to tell you….it’s possible.  Thinking and being happy, positive and full of love has transformed my life…..for the better.  Do it now…start today…and I promise you’ll look back at where you once were and be in awe of how far you’ve come and grown.)

I guess this post is to let you know that you have many, many, many unwritten pages in your book…’re the author of your book.  You get to pick how you fill those pages…’s all up to you. (How cool is that?).  Stay in the present moment and enjoy it.  Don’t live in the past…that creates fear.  Don’t live in the future…that creates anxiety.  LIVE in the present moment, enjoy it and that will BRING YOU PEACE.  We are all powerful manifestors….we create our life with our thoughts and intentions.  The choices are all in your hands…….so remember, you have the choices to create a life filled with complete happiness, positivity and love.  (choose wisely 🙂 )

Hope you have an awesome day.  As always, thank you for stopping by to read my blog.




I Like to Move it, Move it!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today….let’s talk about fitness and what I do to help others get fit. (all about me and Group Fitness (GF) ) So….let’s kick off the day with a little “Fitness Friday” talk : )

How many of us workout on a regular basis?  I make sure to move my body every single day…even on my “rest days”. (I’m sure you are all saying…..of course you do, it’s your job.)  It is MY JOB (and I love every bit of it) to instruct others, encourage, motivate and help people get fit…BUT I do other things for ME outside of teaching Zumba, Cardio Dance and Body Sculpting classes. I do yoga, weight training and long walks on my own time.  I’m sure some of you are asking “WHY do you do more workouts outside of what you already? You workout plenty teaching all your classes.”  True….I do workout hard with my students (and I even kick my own booty while instructing), BUT the classes I teach are NOT for me….it’s all about my students and helping them get the BEST workout they can.  Yes, I surely benefit from it along with them, but the focus isn’t on “Nichol getting her workout in”…’s about me showing up and giving them my best version of me.  I am there to instruct them, encourage them, push them, energize them and make them feel good.  My #1 rule is to always have fun in my classes while pushing yourself. When I’m teaching, I’m in my “happy zone”……I LOVE teaching fitness.  It makes me happy and fills my heart with so much happiness to see so many people come into my classes week after week.  All these people walk into my room class after class and trust in what I do to help them achieve fitness/health goals.  How cool is that?  (I think that it’s pretty darn cool). 

Haha..Seriously, Can you really look at this and NOT laugh?

I take what I do seriously and I’m always creating new ways to challenge my class while keeping the “fun” in each routine I create.  I run through all my routines as if I was doing it in class…full speed and all out.  I test out everything I do to ensure it is effective and will bring forth that good quality workout my students want. I am always researching, watching, reading and taking notes on new music for class, new moves to work different muscles, new dance moves…..I’m always learning and creating.  (seriously, my mind is always in choreo mode….I make up routines anytime I hear a song I like……while I drive in my car. haha) I put 100% of “Nichol” into everything I do.  I want to be an original, be different ,I want to put my own style into how I teach in my classes and most importantly….I want to be ME(Always be you…be an original….because there is NO ONE else out there like YOU!) I know that by keeping true to who I am and who I am as an instructor it will help draw those people who want/need someone like me in their life to my classes.  So, I guess what I am saying is……the chick you see in front of you teaching you is the real deal Nichol….I am who I am. : )

I coach a lot of women in aspects of fitness and nutrition…..not because I have to, but because I WANT to. I love helping others…..and I love sharing the knowledge I have and the things I learn.  I have lots of different people who take my classes….all different ages, shapes, fitness backgrounds, etc.  I love having new people walk in my door to try class… goal is to make sure they feel welcome, have fun, get a good workout and to keep them coming back.  (it’s such a huge compliment to me to have a first timer come who is so nervous about class and then have them tell me afterwards how much fun they had….and that they WILL be back) Being a GF instructor has brought me so much joy, happiness and love into my life.  I know this is the job I was meant to do…to inspire, spread positivity, encourage and guide others long their fitness/health journeys. (How awesome is it in life to find something you LOVE to do and get paid for it???)


If you’ve ever experience what I do… will understand how much I do love my what I do, but more importantly how much I love my students.  (love you guys!) The people in my classes have become such a huge part of my life and have become friends. I love looking at my class before I hit that “Play” button and see SO MANY people talking to each other.  It’s become ONE HUGE, AWESOME fit community….I am so proud to be part of it!  So… you can see.  Exercise is more than just “exercise” for me…’s a way of life for me.  It keeps my body strong, happy and healthy.  (Who doesn’t want that?)

Photo by: Nikki Zimmerman of 4Men and a Lady photography

If you know me…this is my infamous “I CAN’T HEAR YOU???” pose.

As you can see…..I do love what I do.  This job has been a blessing to me and has brought so much abundance my way.  I’m grateful for all my students, their kind words, their commitment to their fitness and the fact they trust me for that hour (to kick their booty..haha).  Without the students who come into my classes everyday…I would not be where I am…..because of all of you I get to do what I love.  You guys truly rock my socks off and I so appreciate you all.  Love you guys : ) (Enjoy the pictures below…: ))

(Sweaty) BIG Hugs,

Some of my fitness loves : )

Music…..Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Happy Monday Friends! Today I wanted to talk about the power of music and what some of my fave “Feel Good” jams are. Music is a great mood booster! (at least it is for me…:) )

Music is a huge part of my life….I love to dance, I’m a fitness instructor and I just love music in general. I have a really WIDE variety of music I listen to….I like Hip Hop, Latin, World Music, Country, Classical, Reggae, etc….LOTS. I like all types and all of them affect my mood differently : ) I listen to different types to help inspire whatever mood I’m trying to create… I wanted to share my some of my fave jams that are my “feel good” jams. Songs filled with happy, loving and positive messages….or just a totally awesome song that boost my mood : ) Enjoy! (as you will list is all over the place. These are just some of my fave songs that boost the mood….invoke positivity, positive messages and love into our hearts through music)

Nichol’s Jam Picks:

1. One Love-Bob Marley
2. Three Little Birds-Bob Marley
3. Love is my Religion-Ziggy Marley
4. True to Myself-Ziggy Marley
5. Forever-HAIM
6. Suddenly I See-KT Tunstall
7. Beauty in the World-Macy Gray
8. Think Good Thoughts-Colbie Calliat
9. Brighter Than the Sun-Colbie Calliat
10. Is this Love-Bob Marley
11. The Black Eyed Peas-Where is the Love?
12. I’m Walking on Sunshine-Katrina & The Waves
13. Hold On, We’re Going Home-Drake
14. I Can See Clearly Now-Jimmy Cliff
15. Happy-Pharrell
16. Let Love Rule-Lenny Kravitz
17. Into the Groove-Madonna
18. Heal the World-Michael Jackson
19. Man in the Mirror-Michael Jackson
20. Pocketful of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield
21. Unwritten-Natasha Bedingfield
22. I’m Like a Bird-Nelly Furtado
23. Your Love-The Outfield
24. Whatta Man-Salt-n-Peppa
25. Brave-Sara Bareilles
26. Who Says-Selena Gomez
27. Soak Up the Sun-Sheryl Crow
28. Every Morning-Sugar Ray
29. On Top of the World-Imagine Dragons
30. Say Hey, I Love You-Michael Franti

So….there you go. Just a small look into some of the songs that I personally LOVE that make me feel happy, that I love and that just plain rock (in my book….).

Music is such a vital part of my life. I rock out to it in my house with my windows open, the breeze blowing through and just breaking out in a random dance. I love driving down back roads, soaking up all the nature around me, windows down, wind in my face and blasting the music….giving myself time to just relax into the music and “just be”. I love blasting it in my fitness classes…loud music, smiling faces, energy and sweaty bodies just moving around to the beat of the music……I love that, it feels so good to my Soul. So as you can see….music is a part of me and my life. It is there anytime I need it….to fit whatever mood I’m in or what mood I want to create. What are you fave “feel good” jams?

Hope you enjoyed this blog and some of the songs I put in it. Download them and enjoy them as much as I do.


The Path to Happiness Does Have it’s Occassional Pothole : )

Today’s blog is all about the obstacles that seem to jump their way into our path while on that journey to happiness. : ) (These are just my opinions. As always, I claim to be NO expert….I just like to share my thoughts and hope it inspires).

One of the BEST choices you can ever make is that of a happy, loving and positive attitude. Our attitudes determine our levels of happiness. As I’ve said in some of my previous blog posts….”Happiness is an inside job.”. How true does that statement ring? When we aren’t loving ourselves, when we complain, when we hate life, when we judge, when we gossip and just feel down and out about EVERYTHING…….we transmit that energy into our daily life, the interactions we have and anything we do. (Regardless if it’s done intentionally or unintentionally). I have always loved the statement “When you don’t feel good about you….How can you expect to feel good about anything outside of you?” (I mean really, how can you? If you’re riding that negative cloud of emotions…anything that buzzes happy vibes makes you roll your eyes. Not because of that particular person or thing, but because at that exact moment you can’t get out of your own bad attitude to see the beauty in other things). We are OUR BIGGEST bumps in that road to our journey of happiness. (among other things I will touch on here shortly….keep reading 🙂 ).

First thing first……..check YOUR attitude. How do you speak about yourself? Your life? The people in it? Those you meet? (be honest with yourself. Honesty will tell you all you need to know.) I wake up everyday and tell myself “I set the intention that today is going to be an awesome day!” (Honestly, I do). I’m setting the tone for my day…..because I know how powerful my mind is. My attitude effects EVERYTHING in my life. The way I handle my day, my kids when they are grouchy, unpleasant interactions I may encounter, unpleasant people or situations….EVERYTHING! (You guys probably think I NEVER get upset or feel down. Well…I do, but I know that those feelings do not serve me. I take into account what my feelings are. Ask myself “Is this really worth dragging you down off your high flying cloud?” Then choose to move on and I’m right back to being happy. For real friends…it’s that easy.) All of this takes practice….and then it will become habit. (like everything else in life…the more your practice……the more it becomes habit forming). So remember, the best thing you can do RIGHT AWAY is check YOUR attitude and start there.  (remember that little saying I stated earlier, “Happiness is an inside job”.  Well, it is…..start with you : ) )

Okay, so now you are rockin’ and rollin’…..just radiating awesomeness from your pores and feeling like a total rockstar. (right???) THEN..BAM!  Something jumps right in your happy path…testing you and your positive, happy vibes. (It happens….and it will happen a lot.  Remember….it’s all about your attitude friends 🙂 ) This can be anything….a friend, negative energy, something broke in your house, plans fell through, etc…..anything. Now, these things can either send you into a tailspin of emotions that knock you out of your awesome mood or they can help you see it for what it is……..and in return help you gain more insight along your path. I personally think EVERYTHING happens for a reason…good or bad.  In the past (believe it or not…I wasn’t always so “happy go-lucky”….shocker, right?? haha) I would let this pull me right out of my good mood and it carried over into my whole day…heck even the next day sometimes.  It was all because I gave that person or that thing the power over me…my mood.  (when you let others get to you or draw you down to their level…you give that power over to them.  Why????  Don’t do it.  You are your own creator….create and control your attitude.)

So….let’s chat about ONE HUGE obstacle that many of us can relate on….relationships with people and how to deal with those emotions involved……:)

I’m never going to say to someone “Don’t feel your emotions.” (yes, even the not so happy ones)….because let’s face it…we aren’t robots : )  We are human.  Feel the emotions, but do not let them bring you to a place of dropping yourself down to a level you know you are better than.  (Examples: airing your emotions out in a negative way all over social media for people to try and decipher your cryptic messages…….you all KNOW what I’m talking about. And really, what purpose does that serve? What does it help or solve? In my opinion….nada!) Emotions happen, they come and we feel them. The best way to move past them is to deal with them in a healthy, positive and loving manner.  If someone did something to you that really hurt you….talk to them.  (You need to talk to that person about your issue, your hurt……not talking about how awful that person is for how they made you feel to others who aren’t involved.  If you aren’t discussing it with that person first…how are you to know how they felt? How they intended to come across? OR…if they EVER realized what they did to hurt you.) If I have an issue with a person I will talk it out with a friend, but NOT in a gossiping way. (and I usually don’t disclose names. I speak very generically. Leaving out details.) I’m seeking their advice on how to handle it or resolve it. (the best way to know if you’re discussing the issue with love and trying to seek a solution is simple……..if you wouldn’t say it to that persons face directly, then don’t say it to anyone else.)

Another thing I’ve learned…that when a person close to you does something that hurts you….it says more about what they are going through than it does about you.  People react in ways we can’t understand when they are hurting or going through something in their life.  We can’t control every person around us, but we can control how we react.  In the past, I probably would be that catty girl who would make sure that other person knew I was onto their game (we’ve all been there).  BUT, today I’m in such a good place…I understand more, I see more and I want to be more that I really don’t let much bug me anymore. It is what it is….it’s their reality, not mine. (no one is perfect, but I strive everyday to be better than I was yesterday)……Regardless of what people have done to me, how they’ve hurt my feelings, what they say about me or think about me…….I still always send them love, positive vibes and lots of luck on their path.  (sometimes not everyone is ready to walk beside you at the same speed you’re going on your path of life…that’s okay.  We all ascend at different levels….just be thankful for the time you did have with each other.  Your path was meant to cross theirs when it did….to teach you lessons and leave you with bits of wisdom.)

One thing I’ve learned is that change is constant….it’s always in motion….it happens regardless if we like it or not….and it’s actually GOOD for us.  You can resist it and make it more painful….or you can choose to ride the waves of change while maintaining your happy, positive attitude……knowing that these changes will better serve you : )  Just know that in your journey to self-love, happiness, joy and positivity…there will be those “potholes”. It happens…even to the best of us : )  Just keep your sights set on your happy, loving attitude and choose to deal with those “potholes” in a loving way.

Remember….you get more bees with honey than you do vinegar : ) 


I hope this post fills your heart with happy vibes, loving words and positive energy that inspires you to be the BEST version of YOU than I know you all can be : )

Lots of Hugs,


It’s Okay to “Just Be”………

Happy Monday Friends!  Long time, no see (or blogging I should say. haha)! I’m back and ready to blog. Hope this little blog post finds you doing and feeling awesome. : )

I recently took some time off from blogging (or just being creative in general)….I felt “blocked” and just needed to be. I didn’t get mad at myself for not creating new blog topics, creating new routines for my fitness classes or for just being still for a bit.  Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries and to “just be”.  This is exactly what I did.  It doesn’t mean that I wasn’t mentally writing blogs in my head or creating fun, new stuff for my fitness classes (because I totally was.)……I was taking a break from physically doing those acts.  I think at some point or another we have ALL felt this way.  We are great at beating ourselves up when we are withholding our end of the bargain to the high standards we set for ourselves when producing the work we all think we SHOULD be doing…..because let’s face it……we are programmed to think we HAVE to work harder, work longer and output more.  (not saying those work ethics do not work….I’m saying personally for me….I put a lot of pressure on myself to do so much.  Yes, it works….but I have learned I DO NOT have to do that.)

After chatting with a really great friend whom I’ve grown close to over the past year……we were discussing (or I was explaining) my “creative block” I was feeling.  I expressed that I was actively creating new things mentally, but I just didn’t “feel” the need to do it physically nor did I have the desire to.  I felt content…. I felt content with taking a break.  She immediately said “Write about that….people relate to you and writing about the flip side of being on Cloud 9 all day is something that people need and want to hear too.” DING DING DING…Light Bulb Nichol!  I told her “You know what is so funny?  I thought about blogging about that as well!”  It’s crazy how talking to her validates so many things I often think to myself during the day.  Even though her and I live super far apart…..we have so many synchronicities and totally can relate to one other.  Having her to talk to and bounce around my thoughts is totally therapeutic…..because looky here….she helped inspire my blog for today : )  (Cue the music “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall……go ahead, look up the song…you know you want to. I will wait….haha.  It’s a great song!)

Todays topic I hope will inspire you that it IS okay to “just be” sometimes.  If you know me…you know I’m a “go go go go” kinda girl.  I’m always thinking, creating, doing and thinking of the next thing I need to do or create.  In the past if I wasn’t creating 3-5 routines a week for my fitness classes that meant I WAS FAILING as an instructor (if you know me….I am very passionate about what I do and pour heart into what I do……and YES, I really did create that many routines a week. ha ha).  I started to feel that pressure I put on myself in the “blogging” world too…..”Nichol, YOU MUST blog at least every other day….you must talk about this on this day, and that on that day….and so on”.  (Talk about putting the pressure on yourself! Whew!)

I’m just like all of you…. I’m learning daily and I’m always trying to improve.  This is just an example of something I learned is OKAY.  I don’t always have to be “go go go” or always creating non-stop.  It’s okay to “just be” and to relax because at the end of the day I know the creativity will come and it will come when I AM READY.  The best things come when they are ready….not forced.  Go with the flow, fall into the flow and LET IT GO (you know you are totally singing this just like they do in “Frozen” aren’t you??) The more I learn to relax and let it flow…the better the things freely come to me and flow out in forms of my blogs, my dances I create or anything I set out to do creatively.  Once I stop forcing it…things flow so much better and faster for me…..and I can create SO MUCH MORE!  Plus, it doesn’t feel like “work” to me because when I give up the control… the creativity flows so fast and freely that I really don’t have to think much… just all seems to work out and gel together nicely (and really fast).

I hope this blog topic is something that you can relate to and realize that it is perfectly fine to “just be”.  Creativity is within all of us….sometimes when we release the control and allow it be….it seems to flow bigger, better and faster than before : )

Lots of Love and Big Hugs to you all : )