Dry Brushing……….What it is and All you need to know about It : )

Hey Hey Friends…it’s been a while since I blogged.  Sorry for being gone for so long…been busy with my family and now the kids are on summer break, so finding time to sit and blog has been a challenge.  BUT…I’m back and I wanted to blog about Dry Brushing (if you are scratching your head and saying WHAT the heck is that??  No worries…I will explain it all : ))


I started Dry Brushing a few months back (being really consistent…doing it twice a day and then got lazy and stopped.. OPPS! haha….. I’m happy to report I am back to daily dry brushing…and twice a day.  Woot Woot! ).  I was reading how great it was for our skin (which is the body’s largest organ) and our lymphatic system (part of our circulatory system and carrying lymph towards the heart). After I did my research I decided I wanted to start implementing this into my daily routine to help improve my body and health even more.  It’s quick, easy and something we can all easily do to help our body function to it’s optimum health.

What is Dry Brushing?
Dry Brushing is a method that is effective in buffing away dead skin, boosting circulation, promoting lymph drainage, reducing appearance of cellulite, smoothing skin and ultimately helping rid body of toxins. (all super cool things in my book)

What do you need?
You want to buy a organic bristled brush (bristles should be stiff, but semi-flexible).  I recommend getting one with a long handle so you can easily get to those hard to reach spots 🙂  You can find this type of brush at your local health food stores (I got mine at our local Earth Fare. It was under $10 I believe) DO NOT get this brush WET….it needs to remain dry.

How often and how long to perform Dry Brushing?
You can do this twice a day.  Start off doing it once a day if you are new to this.  I normally will do it upon waking up and/or before a shower and again in the evening. You can work your way up to doing this twice a day.  It literally takes me about 3-5 minutes to do this (not kidding. Super easy and so good for your body)

 How do you perform Dry Brushing on yourself?

 The strokes should be gentle, but stimulating enough on the skin.  It shouldn’t be rubbing your skin raw…a little redness is normal, but not to the point where you rub your skin raw : ) ( we are helping create blood circulation under the skin)

Let’s Begin:
Start at your feet making long strokes(you don’t want to brush back and forth or do circular motions) up towards your heart (always making sure you moving in the direction towards the heart in all your strokes) as your work your way up your leg.(getting front, back, sides of legs and that booty)  After you do your lower half then move onto your arms…start at hands working your way up toward the shoulders making sure you are using long strokes moving in directions towards your heart. Next you will do your stomach area….here you will move your brush around counterclockwise starting closest to belly button and moving your strokes out wider until you have done entire stomach area.  Then you can do your face (keeping stokes long and going toward heart) working it’s way all the way down until you reach to top of your torso (so in this move you will have done your face, neck and chest area). Don’t forget to do that back….this is why we want a brush with a nice, long handle.  After that you are DONE!  See…easy!

What are the benefits of Dry Brushing?

So there you have it friends : )  This is one of my many “holistic” things I do for myself and my health (my hubby does it too…and even my 6 year old daughter has started to do it.  She asked what I was doing one day….and asked me if she could.  So I watched her and told her how to do it and she did it.  Now she will ask before she takes a bath if she can dry brush : )  )

I hope you all enjoyed this article on Dry Brushing and maybe some of you will add this to your daily routines as I have.