I’m Baaaaaack!


Hi Friends!!!  Just a quick note to say “I AM BACK!”.  I hope you all missed reading my blog posts while I was taking a nice break for the summer while my kiddos were out on break : )  I def found it much harder to find time to block off with them home during their summer break where I could slip away and blog….. (quiet moments are pretty rare in this house with 2 kids running around and wanting to be entertained). We playing outside a lot, swam a lot, hit up the movies, visited family, went to Hawaii for 9 days and just enjoy having a very low-key routine while school was out.  BUT…they are officially back in school and now I have more free time to dedicate to putting up more blog posts : )

I will blogging about recipes I make (clean eating, gluten free, vegan  friendly, vegetarian dishes, etc.) , positive thinking, health/beauty and everything in between.  I’m a busy mom, wife, fitness instructor and girl who is trying to juggle it all without losing her happy spirit.  I hope you guys will continue to read along (and laugh) with me : )


Here are some pictures that capture a little bit about what we did over the Summer : )

Us in Hawaii for vacation.

I got a new tat! Woohooooo!

Checking out some art while in Hawaii.

Time with family spent at the pool and enjoying the outdoors.

Going to the movies with the kids.

Soaking up all the summery sunshine while playing in backyard on the swings : )