Bulletproof Coffee…….

“This time baby I’ll beeeeeeee….bulletproooooof” (I can’t help but sing that song every time I make myself bulletproof coffee. haha)  Some of you might be asking yourself “What the heck is this bulletproof coffee Nichol speaks of?”.  (no worries, when I first heard the term I had no clue either)  Honestly, when I first heard about bulletproof coffee it was from a friend who is HUGE into Paleo eating (primal eating lifestyle) and he is a personal trainer (who I would describe is training techniques in the rankings of Elite Athlete/Crossfit blend. He’s pretty hardcore to say the least.) Okay…back to what this coffee is/what’s in it…….( I usually add mine to a blender, blend it up and it makes it all frothy.  Yum!)

1 cup hot brewed coffee
1 tbsp grassfed butter
1-2 tbsp cold pressed, raw coconut oil

Okay, Okay….I’m sure you are thinking “Whoa, that sounds totally disgusting!!!”  Trust me..I feel ya! I thought the same thing when I heard about this and thought it was the whole “Paleo/Crossfit” cult stuff (not judging this stuff at all….but I really thought it was. haha). So to be honest…I never made this bulletproof coffee after he told me about  it(bc it sounded so gross. I figured I would stick to my normal NON-HEALTHY powder creamer…sue me, I’m human. haha) Anyway, fast forward to now…and guess what????  I’m a believer! I love it!  It’s so yummy and creamy(I don’t like sweet coffee….so drinking it this way doesn’t bother me as I don’t miss sweet coffee bc I didn’t like it anyway). Switching to this style of coffee in the morning has totally helped me kick my powder coffee creamer vice!! (judge all you want….but that was ONE thing in my super clean, healthy lifestyle I WAS not giving up bc I LOVED my morning coffee…that was UNTIL that yummy bulletproof coffee hit my lips. 🙂  )


Why coconut oil and butter instead of creamer?
Well, I’m NOT nutrition expert by any means…..nor do I come off to be.  For me personally, I used this new way to drink my coffee as a way to get off of that processed, no good powdered creamer.  That’s it…that’s why I did it.  Sorry I don’t have a riveting explanation for you.  (haha)  BUT from what I’ve read….drinking this combo in the morning helps your body burn fat more efficiently (specifically belly fat) and helps give you tons of energy.  For me….it does give me energy, but more importantly I got myself off of that powered creamer.  It was a personal choice…and I’m happy about it.  (pats myself on my back…Go Me!!)

So…..if you are skeptical….give it a try.  You might be surprised to find yourself liking it : )  I know I did.  AND for you people out there who NEED a sweet coffee taste, you can add stevia/honey or other flavors to get it to your liking : )

  Happy Coffee Drinking Loves!