Reverse Shampooing

Hey Everyone…..guess who is back and a bloggin’??? ME!  I know, I know….been a while. I promise to make an appearance more often in this bloggin’ world……..  Today I want to talk about something I saw a couple weeks ago via one of my beautiful friends on her FB page called “Reverse Shampooing”. I had heard about this before (most likely via pinterest…I’m pretty sure I have it pinned, BUT like most things I “pin”, it just sits pretty in my folder I pinned it to and goes untouched (opps).  Seriously, how MANY pins do you have that you have ACTUALLY done? haha) Anyway, after seeing her picture and her talking about how it “upped her hair game” and made it full of “bounce” I was once again intrigued and curious to try it.  (Because what girl isn’t looking for new ways to increase her hair game? I know I am!) Me being me, I started my research…first I “googled” it, read up on several different beauty sites/blogs to see what they said, read the “how to” steps and all the reviews.  THEN….I decided to go find that poor, lonely and untouched pin in my “Beauty” folder on Pinterest to see what other info I could gather.  (Pretty sure when you touch a pin that has sat untouched for so long they do a major happy dance for you….haha) 

After reading all I could I was ready…I was ready and pumped up to try this unique approach to getting some major bounce, volume, soft and awesome hair.  ( I had high hopes for this bad boy.)  So off to the shower I went….I did the process just like I was told to via the sites I read.  I got out of the shower, towel dried my hair, brushed it (whoa…..super SOFT and no tangles! ), put a little mousse in it at the roots and now I was ready to blow dry it. Done…….blow drying phase complete.  So….at this point (if you don’t know me already…) you are probably pretty curious what my thoughts were on this, right?  (suspense killing you yet? )*Drumroll please* ………………………………….My hair looked FAB!!!  I had TONS of volume immediately after drying my hair.  Not only did my hair have lots of root volume, but it was also so soft (another great bonus).  Okay, great…….washing worked awesome, blow drying it had awesome results too, BUT would it curl great and HOLD the curl ??? You know what……it sure did.  I curled my hair with my straightener and it curled with ease…….best part, the curls LASTED all night!!!! (Score!) Instant believer and total fan of this process!

I have been doing this “reverse shampooing” biz for past 2 weeks and am in love.   I shared this new found love with tons of friends and those who have tried it reported back to me with same reply every time……a very unanimous “I LOVE IT !”  Now, I am NO stylist or expert (so don’t shoot the messenger if you “do hair” and dislike what I’m doing. ha ha)….I’m simply a girl who loves many things and loves to share those loves with others. So try it out….see how you like it. Keep in mind that everyone’s hair is different too……some may love this and some may not. (just like many things in life : ) ) (I’m a fan…..of this process and life : )   )

Here’s what you need to do:
Wash hair with conditioner first and rinse.
Then wash hair with shampoo and rinse .

That’s it…..done.  Easy!! Simple as that!

Now….go get your sexy hair on!