Gratitude Journals

Hey All….Happy Friday and Happy 2015!  As we close out a great 2014 we open up to a brand NEW year filled with new days, new chances, new goals, manifestations coming to fruition and a WHOLE year to ROCK!  As we start the new year I thought it would be a great topic of discussion to talk about “Gratitude Journals”.

I often get asked about things I do in my life that help with positive thinking and creating a happy outlook.  Gratitude journaling is just one of the many things I do on a daily basis.   I’m sure some of you are thinking and wondering “How does writing in a journal help create a sunny outlook?”.  Well, for me and MANY others this just a small part of our positive living and spiritual routines that enhance our lives.  While writing in a journal may seem tedious to some….it is very beneficial to us.  We live in a hectic, busy and always moving world that we sometimes tend to forget all the wonderful things (no matter how BIG or how small) we have in our lives.  We live in a world that tends to focus on the “lack of” and the negativity that is going on in the world.  (call me naive or what you will, but this is ONE of the reasons I do not watch or read the news.  It’s not that I don’t care about what is going on around me or do not wish to be informed….it’s the exact opposite really.  I care too much and when I watch or read the news I find myself internalizing all those bad feeling emotions. I get worked up, I get scared, I freak myself out…..ALL of those emotions DO NOT serve me at all.  It takes me out of my state of joy and love, and makes my ego kick into OVER DRIVE!  This is a personal preference of mine.  Don’t do anything that doesn’t make you feel good, ever.  Watching or reading the news is just something that pulls me out of my “feel good” zone……so I personally choose to focus on positive energy, sending love to everyone and have continued hope that this crazy world can be healed. Whew…rant over. ha ha)

Creating a gratitude journal gets us to focus on our BLESSINGS rather than our lackings in life.  It’s such a powerful thing to put onto paper (or type out into a memo pad) all the things we are grateful for in our lives.  It can be something as simple as hot coffee every morning.  It can be a really small, simple thing OR it can be a HUGE thing… one is judging what you put into your gratitude journal.  What each of us feels grateful for is a very personal and private thing.  The only person it matters to is…..YOU. I strongly encourage you to start a daily practice of doing a gratitude journal.  Don’t overthink, keep it simple and allow this new practice to seamlessly flow into your current lifestyle.

Here is how I personally do my gratitude practice…..every morning after I make my cup of coffee I open up my “notes” on my phone and I pick one thing I am grateful for.  I write out “I am grateful for……………” (add in what I feel grateful for) and I then list 5 things of WHY I am grateful for this.  This puts your into a state of feeling all that emotion that surrounds what you are journaling about. (I learned this technique from Marie Forleo. I LOVE her.  She inspires me! Check out her youtube channel. ) Here is an example of how I write out mine: (this is an actual entry of mine):

I am grateful for coffee.
1. I love the way it tastes.
2. I love how it warms up my body.
3. It brings me a relaxing comfort when I drink it.
4. I love the simplistic ritual of drinking coffee that it brings to my life.
5. I love the warming aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

See….easy as that!  Nothing complex about that…it was what I was feeling grateful at that exact moment.
There is NO wrong or right way to do this.  Do what feels right to you.  Maybe for your practice your want to do it at night before bed and you want to list out 3 separate items AND maybe you do it all mentally.  Do what works for YOU….not what works for me or anyone else.   So, what are you waiting for?  Begin this practice and watch your world transform.