“Oh, you use essential oils? You must be a hippie……”

Ahhh, yes….the lovely assumption that one who uses essential oils is a “hippie”, “crunchy”, “granola” or a “tree hugger” (hey, if you are those things..rock on and keep on keepin’ on).  I’m here to tell you that YES, YES I am a “hippie”….a MODERN DAY HIPPIE that is : )  (if you follow me via FB or IG you will see I always hashtag #moderndayhippie….and I have been for a long time now). I have considered myself to be just that for the past few years or so (about the time I jump on my spiritual path)….why you ask?  Well, it’s because I want you to know that I am just an average girl, wife and momma who does the best she can to incorporate holistic practices and into my life/family life.  I don’t think living the “hippie” or “all natural” lifestyle is a “One Size Fits All” or “cookie cutter” kinda life.  I wear lipstick, I wear heels, I love shopping, I am girly…but I also use oils, I meditate, I burn incense and I def live/led a spiritual lifestyle.  So, as you can see I am a new breed of holistic loving ways….I AM a Modern Day Hippie (I think it’s cool….and I think you should totally become one too. Not trying to sound all “cult” like either..haha) 

Okay, back on task…back to essential oils.  I got started with Young Living toward the end of Nov 2014.  I had extensively researched the oils, companies, their uses, what they could do for each of us, etc.  I began using ones from health foods stores topically for issues I had….and I LOVED their effects.  If you know me, you know I’m all about natural, New Age ways of doing things…..oils are something I always wanted to add to enhance my family’s life.  BUT, what I always found weird was that I had read where you could “ingest” oils (let’s say…like Lemon) BUT NEVER anywhere at my local health food stores could I find a bottle that said it was safe to ingest (they all would say DO NOT ingest). Weird right?????  So I began to search the internet for oils you COULD diffuse/apply topically AND INGEST.  This is where Young Living came into play….jump forward again to Nov 2014…..I watched a webinar from someone (who would later become my mentor and now, friend) where she discussed YLEO. Right away, I was excited!  FINALLY….oils I could use ALL 3 ways! SOLD SOLD SOLD!  I signed up, ordered my kit….and that was that. I ONLY wanted these oils for personal use…that’s IT!  It never crossed my mind…”Hey, I think I will build a biz too”.  (seriously, I’m SO NOT a direct networking kinda seller….).  BUT, here I am…..building my YLEO biz. (so, let’s jump below to part I discuss my thoughts on this too)

So, over the past 4 days I was lucky enough to attend an EO conference in Nashville, TN where I heard speakers discuss YLEO, the company, products and motivated you to find YOUR purpose in life (if you don’t know Heidi Swapp….she kinda rocks in my book.  She gave the BEST talks at this conf. I wanna be her BFF.  Heidi, can we???) For me, some sessions rocked more than others(eeehmmm, HEIDI!!!) …..but I did learn lots.  As I looked around I realized just HOW diverse the group of people were who are in or using YLEO.  Old, young, men, women, married, single, mommas……..and yes, stereotypical “hippie” kinds of people.  BUT, everyone there had one major thing in common….they LOVED YLEO and these products changed their lives. I love that! (that kinda energy just fills you).  So, all in all….I left those sessions feeling inspired to change people lives….to help them…..to get everyone I know or meet using OILS! (some of the product info I saw really blew my mind)

BUT, BUT…..let me tell you things that rubbed me the wrong way. (what I’m about to say….says nothing about the company’s values at all. The company itself has beautiful core values that I fully believe in and love. )  If you know me….you know that I have the passion and heart of a Humanitarian. I TRULY live, breathe and act with all I do to help others.  It’s why I was put here, I know it.  I’m here to help, inspire change and shine my light. With that said….. that is WHY I decided I wanted to builed my YLEO biz. I wanted to spread the positive message of this company, to share the info of HOW awesome these products were for us…TO HELP enhance peoples lives. Inspire positive change.  That was my MAIN objective..and still is.  I had that discussion with my husband when I decided to jump into the biz side…I said “You know, maybe I’m being naive…but I don’t focus on the biz side of this at all. I think more along the lines of helping people. I just want EVERYONE to have the chance to learn, to use and to watch how it changes their lives. Is
that the wrong way to go about this?”  He quickly told me it wasn’t.  He gets me. He knows I do everything I do to help others.  Those who get the chance to know me quickly see that side of me.  I do all I can to help others…and I expect nothing in return.  I just want to offer my gifts where I can and to help.  (you get the picture…Nichol is striving to help…Modern Day Hippie with a splash of Mother Teresa. Right?? haha) 

So..this brings me to my next point…while attending this conf I noticed a common theme among those I interacted with or convos I overheard.  “What’s your rank?”, “How many legs do you have?”, “Oh, you signed up to use and not sell? I did it for the biz
opportunity”…and so on.  This….THIS…so rubbed me the wrong way.  Why does it matter what rank I am? How many sign ups I have? How many legs under me I have??  WHY?  (if you are reading this and are in this biz…this is not a jab at you….I get it, it’s a biz you are building….so sometimes we think “biz’ talk) Those convos really sat deep in
me and really upsetted me.  I mean, I just felt like that was the main focus…..I’m all for “growing” your biz…go for, do it….but really ask yourself….ARE YOU DOING it to HELP others or are you only in it for the money?? (do you know how many times I wanted to say that outloud?? BUT, me being a fresh, little newbie..I bit my tongue.) What is your
purpose?  What is your message you are presenting to others?  To say those talks and/or people left a bad taste in my mouth is an understatement. Yes, I want to do well in this biz…but more importantly I am SO completely focused on getting people using these oils. That is my MAIN focus…100%.  The biz side….not on my radar. (yes, I talk about it..
but it’s not my “WHY”) I’m sure the girls who I went to the conference with were on edge to even discuss biz tactics..and for that I apologize (haha)…but it just really took away the powerful statement of “changing lives” that I felt like should be a bigger theme than “Man, how do I get to that rank!!!”  After I got home I was talking about the conf,oils and such with a friend. I told her “You know, I’m prob a rare breed in this biz…I have the mindset of
getting people to use the oils, that’s it.  I am not focused on the biz side.  Probably not a smart idea, but I feel like if I lead with the intent to help others than the biz side will come naturally and then it will just totally suprise me.”She told me “And that’s why you will go far.”.

I just have a strong belief that if you do things with good intentions and a good heart….the rest will fall into place naturally. So that is exactly what I’m doing.  I’m leading with the good in my heart and “running” MY biz  as I see fit.  If it feels good…do it.  That will take your further than just doing it “that way” because that’s how you think you are suppose to do it.  That motto has never failed me.  SO that’s how I AM personally choosing to
share my love of YLEO….and eventually the biz side will pop up, jump in my face and say “YOU rock sister….look at ALL these lives you are working to change.”  That’s the message I want….and that is the message I shall get.

Thank you for listening to me ramble on about oils, how I got started, what I love about being in this “biz”, what I dislike and listening to my rambles.  (if you want more info…feel free to message me!)  Just remember to ask yourself in anything you do…What is my purpose?  What message am I conveying?  What impact am I making and what impact do I want to make?