Living Our Purpose

blog Happy Friday (or as some say Happy Fri-YAY!) Everyone! So today as I was cleaning my kitchen I was thinking about my blog and ideas of what to blog about. Lots of different things came to focus…..different topics, ideas, divine words….but the when “living our purpose” popped into my head I got this “Yes, let’s blog about this today!” . So today I shall ramble on about finding our purpose and living our purpose (we all have one you know….it’s true, we do!)
life on purpose
Do you ever just see, watch or read about people who are doing what they love while making a difference?  We watch with such envy and awe inspired minds as we soak in these magnet people who are living their purpose.  I think it’s incredibly heart warming when you meet people so passionate about what they do.  No matter how big or how small the difference they are making…they are living their passion and purpose to the fullest.  We all have a purpose that we are  called into action to do on this planet and it’s our job to share it.  I feel like a lot of times our passions are our inner calling of what our truest purpose is.  Maybe it’s being a mother, being a teacher, creating, leading…whatever you feel driven to do, that’s your purpose. What’s your passion? What makes you come alive? What gives you a sense of happy vibes?
For me, my purpose is to help others….I def feel I embody the role of a Humanitarian in all I do.  I love to help, to inspire, to promote positive change and love to educate.  (fitness instructor, nutrition counseling, wellness coach, positive vibes spreader, kindness sprinkler, happy soul,  Reiki, Essential Oils….you catch the theme, right??) I’m a creative soul who thrives off of helping, while inspiring others.  It took me until my mid-20’s to finally take that HUGE leap and do what I was passionate about. (let me tell you, I was SCARED leaving a great paying Corporate job where I held a great job title) It was scary, but I knew my purpose was NOT to sit behind a desk. (who knew 6 years ago I would be making the best change to my life….and for the better)  I knew my passion was being with my kids, teaching fitness classes, being my own boss, helping others and doing what I felt in my heart was my purpose.  Following my purpose has allowed my life to unfold so many positive changes and allowed the Universe to bring opportunities, people and situations to my path.  I have been given the gift to turn my passion into my purpose. We ALL have beautiful gifts to share to those around us…..finding your purpose does not have an expiration date. I encourage you all to find your passion because that passion will lead you to your purpose. Inspired Ideas + Passion= YOUR purpose : )

Love, Light and Happy Vibes All!