Manifest it Monday!

Well, would you check me out???? 2 blogs written in under a month! Go me!  Today I had a great idea to talk about manifest goals into fruition.  Mainly because I have some BIG goals of mine that I’m working toward and I will manifest those into reality!


So, for many of you who know me…I’m a highly spiritual being (not in the sense of “church goer” per say…and there is nothing wrong with that if that’s who you are, but that’s not how I work). I’m very in tune with my spiritual side and always working at growing it. I have a really vast, deep side to me in that aspect (too much so that I won’t blog about it too long here…save it for another post I suppose)  For me, I’m a big believer in ENERGY (Universal, Godly, Spirit, Higher Self…etc)…energy everywhere that connects us to all things around us and all things that come into our path.  Everything is made up of energy and on it’s own frequency……depending on how we are tuned in (our attitude, choices, thoughts and even the words we use) and tapped into the Universe’s energy all decides what comes into our vibration aka our path.  (there you go..a little Law of Attraction and energy briefing for you).


I know that all my thoughts, words and actions are setting things into motion that will eventually hit my path….so for me, I use visualization a lot to help manifest things into my path.  (Have I lost you yet? I know some people may think these sorts of topics are crazy out there and that’s okay…..some aren’t riding the same wavelength as others and that’s totally fine). When I say “visualize” those things you want….you have to really see and feel ALL the things you want.  Feel the emotion you get when it’s here, how every single detail plays out, what it looks like, etc.  FEEL IT ALL!  I do this myself and it works.  Visualize friends..visualize.  (If I’ve lost you on this process…go and watch the documentary “The Secret”…..Law of Attraction.  Good stuff in that doc )


I’m telling you……once you make positive thinking, gratitude, kindness and loving vibes habit…good things happen.  Good energy is contagious and attracts that like energy into your path…it connects us in amazing ways to people, opportunities and situations that feel almost magical.  Broaden your way of thinking and trust the processes of the Universe….and so much will blow our mind in ways you never imagined.  The subject of spirituality (and so much more that it encompasses)  is something I’m passionate about and can gab on and on about with those who are ready to expand their path.  We are all here to share stories and teach one another….and I feel this is just ONE way I’ve been placed in many paths to help shine a light on. The more I blog…the more I will invite you all in to understand and see the depths of my spirituality and free spirit : )

Just remember, our thoughts hold such power. What are your visualizing and manifesting into your path?



Friday Thoughts… Nichol : )

Hey All…it’s your resident “monthly blogger” Nichol. ( my official title since I seem to blog only monthly..ooppsie!).  I always intend to blog more often…but hey, life happens and I get lazy (eekk!).  I am def not a perfect human being…I get pulled in many diff directions, take on too many projects or get laid up on my couch nose deep in a Netflix series (can I get a raise of hands on who’s with me on that??)  Sometimes we just gotta roll with the punches and do what we feel like doing.  Some days I’m a rockstar knocking out my “to do” list like Mike Tyson and other days I’m a lazy rockstar who does what she HAS to do…and then spends my free time watching Netflix or my DVR shows like it’s my job.  Hey….sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do….and sometimes that involves a whole lotta of nothing in my book.  So anyway…there’s my life summed up into a paragraph.( haha)


So, a random thought I had…..I was reading a blog the other day and it was really empowering.  It really made me think and realize…this chick was onto something.  She was talking about how we all strive for the “perfect body” and why we need to STOP and just love what we have…RIGHT NOW.  Guilty as charged!! Totally me…..I’ve always been this way for as LONG as I can remember. (yes, I too suffer from this….I’m a girl and I’m human:)  )  As much as I really hate to admit it…..I’ve been mean to myself and my body.  Telling myself “You’re fat”, “Why are your thighs SO BIG!”, “Ugh, I need to lose blah blah blah weight!”.  Pretty sure MANY of us have this inner dialogue with ourselves.  It’s an everyday battle for me….something I consciously work on daily.  It’s hard man…really hard.  We have celebs, magazine covers and all these things around us that try to tell us “how we should look”.  I catch myself wishing I looked like so and so….or totally focusing on a part of me I hate.  I’m human……BUT after reading her blog I started to think “Why am I wasting SO much time focusing on these things that I don’t like or want to change??”   I know that focusing on those things DO NOT change or help a thing. They only bring me down and make me forget all the things I DO love about me.  Her post opened up my eyes to STOP bullying myself and just rock what I have while continuing to create a “Healthy Nichol”.  I don’t need to look like Jlo(although she’s got an amazing body!), I don’t need to look like you…..I need to look like ME.  Body Shaming is such a crazy thing…..we shame ourselves, we shame and judge  other people…’s a violent and vicious cycle we MUST stop!  So today….I’m asking each of us to look in the mirror and focus on something that we LOVE about ourselves……not something we hate.  The more we love ourselves, the more we can love others.

i love me

Until next (month..haha) time…..Love, light and positive energy : )