What I really think about “selfies”…….

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!

I read a really interesting article earlier this week that stated if you asked people to name 10 things they loved the one statement that rarely ever made the list was, “I love myself.” Whoa! That hit me. I started to think about that….what would I say if I were approached and asked to name 10 things?  Would I say I love myself?  Probably not.  I feel like “loving yourself” has gotten such a bad wrap or labeled as “self-centered”.  Newsflash friends, it’s not.  Loving yourself is not a bad thing….it’s actually a good thing.  What a sad thing to think that in a list of things we love that loving ourselves never even came to mind.  That’s a sad statistic to me.  Everything we feel internally presents itself outwardly to us…..so think about this….If you don’t love yourself, how do you think you view the outside world? (food for thought….think about it)


With today’s technology and social media venues like facebook, twitter, instagram, snap chat, etc (to name a few)…selfies are everywhere. Maybe you are one of those that love to take selfies (maybe you take a few or maybe you take a lot ; ) ), maybe you hate selfies (insert the eye roll you do every time you come across one in your feed. You know you do it…..haha), maybe you take selifes BUT never post them because you don’t want to be picked apart for your appearance or maybe you NEVER take selfies because you don’t feel good about the way you look.  Whatever category you fall under when it comes to selfies….we ALL have an opinion on them, right?  Wanna know mine? I’m pro-selfie. Yes, I said it…I LOVE selfies. I love seeing them, I enjoy taking them and I’m an advocate of “the selfie”. You might be curious to WHY on Earth I would feel so passionate about the act of taking a selfie, right? Well, let me first start of by saying that I was not always that way. I was that girl who would see them in her feed and (gasp) roll my eyes and think “How full of yourself are you to post these selfies?” (I mean, HOW dare these people post pictures of themselves looking gorge while I was rocking pj’s, glasses and a messy bun??? haha).  Then one day I stopped myself as I came across a selfie and found myself going to that space in my head (“OMG…another selfie? Why?”) and I asked myself “Why do I even care that others post selfies???”……BOOM, it hit me….I WAS ENVIOUS! I was envious at how beautiful they looked in that moment, that they rocked confidence like nobody’s biz and that they were courageous enough to post it and not give 2 craps what others thought. They were posting pictures of themselves because they FELT GOOD! What’s wrong with that? Nothing…nothing at all.

Let me take a selfie

So, that got me to thinking more about the “selfie”. Why is it wrong to take a picture of yourself when you feel pretty, when you like your outfit, when you like how you look at that exact moment, when you feel that your makeup is “on point” or when you are simply just feelin’ yourself??? When did having confidence and loving yourself become a bad thing? I mean, WHY NOT promote that “I feel good and I love myself” attitude? In today’s society where we measure ourselves up against celebs, magazine covers or even everyday people we are constantly feeling a “lack of” or “not enough” mentality. We aren’t skinny enough, we aren’t pretty enough, we aren’t smart enough, we don’t have thigh gap (seriously, that shouldn’t be a goal……if you have it naturally, good for you, but for others who are trying to obtain this look…stop.) We need to STOP tearing others down and we must STOP tearing ourselves down.  Selfies to me are NOT narcissistic…..it’s a form of self-love.  When did loving yourself become this taboo subject that people cringe when you talk about it?  Stop listening to the opinions of others or the “Oh my gosh….selfies are stupid. They are so full of themselves.” I’m here to say: TAKE THE DAMN SELFIE! Screw what others think. Love yourself and POST IT!


So instead of bashing the selfie….embrace it. And guess what? IF you hate selfies there’s a super genius action you can take….KEEP scrolling past it. ( haha). Stop judging people for posting selfies because you don’t know their backstory of why they posted it. (stop assuming the meaning of ones actions…) We need to promote more self-love and be less judgey (I know, not a real word….but I’m using it anyway grammar police! Ha ha)  The next time you find yourself judging or rolling your eyes at someone’s selfie, please ask yourself “Why does this bother me?”  A lot of times the answer says way more about you than it does the other person.


ME! Yes, I posted a selfie….and guess what? I felt good and felt pretty. People are gonna judge you no matter what you do…so post it anyway : )

So do it….post that picture of yourself….maybe even hashtag(yes, I said hashtag it for all you hashtag haters) #selfieforNichol. I for one think you’re beautiful and I think you ROCK for loving yourself.

Till next time…..