Listening to those “Idea Fairies”……

Hey All! I’m back. Did you miss me?  I know, I know…looooong hiatus from blogging, right?  Well, you know….as they say…creativity flows when you allow the process to happen and stop trying to make it happen.  For me, this could NOT be more true. The more I stress and push for new ideas in anything I do (blogging, creating routines for my fitness classes, new inspiration, etc) the less they come to me and I get that lovely “creative block”.  BLAH! That’s bad news bears for us creative people….am I right??? So, now with all aspects of my life I will let it flow, come to me when the time is right and I listen.   The more I “let it flow” the better, faster and more frequent these creative sparks come to me.  Winner Winner chicken dinner!


I was reading one of my many books (I’m the girl reading like 3 or 4 books at once. Book OCD much?? haha) and she talked about how when “creative sparks” or “idea fairies” visit us it is OUR job to acknowledge it and take action on those ideas. They come to use for a reason and it’s our duty to play with it.  The more we acknowledge it, play with it and take action of these Divine sparks of creative awesomeness… guessed it….the MORE it will occur and the faster it will happen. Guess what happens when you ignore them or “put them on the back burner”?  Yep, you got it. They go away and pretty soon they stop visiting us. She stated that these “idea fairies” like to be played with and they enjoy when we notice them.  This isn’t saying every single idea or spark of inspiration that comes to us is going to turn out to be the best thing ever….but you must listen and explore it.  You never know what good ideas are being whispered in your ear for you to act on.  If we don’t listen….it will whisper to someone else…someone who is listening and takes actions.  Don’t miss out on those inspired chances.


How many times has the most random idea popped into your head and you ignored it?  You know it’s a really cool idea that should be explored, but BAM….fear sets in and you stop pursuing that idea.  I know that I for one….am guilty of this.  I let fear of sharing aspects of myself hold me back, I let fear of “Oh, they won’t like this…oh they won’t like that…Oh that’s probably not a good idea…..No one cares what I have to write about….Why would anyone want to come to me for this???”   So many silly “fear” factors have caused me to shut down pretty cool ideas.  Why do we play this game?  FEAR….FEAR…FEAR!  We let fear hold us back in many ways and areas of our life.  This is something I am learning to let go of.  Who cares what other people say, think or feel about what you are doing?  If it’s not hurting anybody….then do it.  Life is about expanding, creating, living your purpose, pursuing your passion and being unapologetically your most authentic self.


So, here I am. Back in action and ready to blog about whatever random inspiration is whispered into my ear by the “idea fairies”.  No more ignoring it or worrying whether people are reading it or liking what I’m doing.  I’ve learned that when people are ready for your energy, what you have to offer and what things you can inspire inside them…they will find you….but ONLY when they are ready.  This I am 100% certain of.  Until then, I will keep being my authentic, upbeat, happy, loving hearted, inspiring and positive natured self……those who need that….they will find me. Sooner or Later.

Until next time……