Creating YOUR Tribe

This originally started off as a Facebook post, but I had a lot to tell you so needless to say it got breathy and LONG real quick. ha ha.  That’s when a light bulb went off…”Make this a NEW blog entry Nichol!!”  Ding Ding Ding……we have a winner and a new blog topic to discuss today.  CREATING YOUR TRIBE!!!! So…here we go!



I read a TON of books on a weekly basis.  What can I say……..I thirst for knowledge and love growing myself in all aspects and areas of my life.  After reading one of my new books a chapter I recently read  inspired today’s blog post. It was all about creating a tribe…that foundation of people who inspire you and better you.  This is something I feel passionate about. This is instrumental in creating a solid foundation for leading and living that “Happy, Positive Life” that I’m always preaching about. I believe it, preach it, and live it.



Like attracts like.  If you feel great about yourself you will attract those people who feel great about themselves.  If you feel shitty about yourself and your life….you guessed it….  YOU WILL most certainly attract those people who feel shitty about themselves and their life too.  It’s the Law of Attraction people!  People tend to just feel and be happier when they surround themselves with people who bring out their BEST attributes, seriously.  Please show me or tell me about one person who is a constant complainer, downer, “poor me” mentality, or always the victim that makes you feel so rockin’ and full of life.  (If you are saying to yourself that you have someone in your life that makes you feel awesome, but does all that negative stuff. Umm, okay…but I call bullshit.  Those people can drain every ounce of life and positive light in anyone.)



Creating your tribe takes some action work on your part.  It causes you to take full inventory of every person you allow into your space.  It causes you to take action and  to ask yourself some real and raw questions.  It causes you to get honest about your life and who you are willing to allow in it.  Here are some questions or things I want you to think about:
1. Who do you want in your tribe and why? (what kind of people do you admire? what attributes do they possess that you love? who are some living people that you know or may not know that possess attributes that you love?)

2. Listen to your gut instincts. (In my personal experience people’s energy does not lie…ever. Are you drawn to this person?  Do they draw you in magnetically to them? Do they make you feel good?  Do they make you feel put off?)

3. Reinforce relationships with great people in your life. (Tend to the garden of good relationships in your life.  Make it a point to have weekly coffee dates, do lunch together once a month, etc.  Point being….make it a priority to stay connected and bask in the wonderful energy that those people fill your heart with.)

4. Embrace virtual connections. (social media is a fantastic and easy way to make connections with likeminded people or groups who share similar interests as you, who will inspire you or who will spark new growth within yourself.  I have made some AMAZING connections and friendships with people through social media.  Some of which has been COMPLETELY and utterly instrumental in my personal growth.)

So, there you have it……  My thoughts on creating this badass tribe of people who inspire you to DO, FEEL and BE better. I promise you that once you have team players in your life who are pumping you full of vibrant life and not draining you of it that you WILL see massive shifts in your overall wellness. (mind, body and soul).

Until next time…….


Decluttering Life……

Clutter…we all have it and we all hate it! Clutter in our physical world, clutter in our emotional selves, clutter in our spiritual realm and clutter in our mental game….clutter, clutter, clutter!  I, for one, loathe clutter in my personal spaces…but I still find myself having it (ha ha).  Clutter clogs up the energy flow man…like for real-o!  It keeps us hanging onto old things we no longer use, things that no longer serve us, things that don’t make us feel good and things that just make us feel blah.  Why do we do this?  Sentimental value?  Lazy? Just don’t wanna deal with it?  (probably a good mix of all of those).  Well, I’m here to say it….get to DECLUTTERING your life people.  It makes you feel SO SO SO much better.  “How do you know this Nichol?” you say…..well, because about 2-weeks ago I decided enough was enough. I had it with holding onto things that I wasn’t needing or using.  I was ready to purge, simplify and clean up ALL areas of my life.  OUT with the old and IN with the new….right? When we clear the old we make room for the new to flow into our lives.  Yes, right on man…right on!


So, like I mentioned about 2-weeks ago I decided I had had enough of clutter or having things I know we didn’t need or use. I went on a purging frenzy. It started in our kitchen.  After I deep cleaned it I started to think “Let’s clean out EVERY drawer and cabinet. If it’s not in good shape or we no longer use it….it’s getting tossed or donated.”  BOOM! Done!  Cleared out all the things that were no longer needed here. Next up…our bedroom.  I went through all of our books, files, clothes….everything in that room.  Decided what needed tossed and donated….and cleared that room out. After doing that I deep cleaned that room…TOP to BOTTOM!  Scrub, scrub, scrub.  I added some plants…rearranged some furniture and let me tell you…the energy of that space was amazingly calm and yet vibrant at the same time.  Who knew that clearing out stuff that no longer served us, moving the furniture around and adding plants could improve it so drastically???  Amazeballs.  I told people that I was seriously Feng Shui’ing the shit out of my house…..I wasn’t joking. (haha).  I’m determined to get energy balance in ALL areas of my life……. To simplify, clean up and live an even more vibrant life : )  Life just feels and flows better when everything is singing in perfect harmony.  (although…I still have to tackle the kids rooms…oy! Toys, clothes…ugh. BUT, we are doing it…soon!)


This isn’t just for your “physical” or “material” things….this is a great practice for your emotions, situations, the people you hang out with or surround yourself with, etc.  ALL of those things effect your energy, attitude and moods. Trust me….cut the energy sucking cluttering factors in your life and you WILL feel better. Trust!

Ask yourself the following:
1. Does it make me feel good?

2. Does it inspire me or drain me?

3. Have I used it in the past year?

4. Does it bring me joy?

5. Do these situations fulfill me or make me feel empty?

6. Do these people make me strive to be better?

If whatever you are asking about does not bring you joy, make you feel good, inspire you or you actually use it….then why are you holding onto it?  These are the things I ask when I declutter any area of my life.  Don’t think about it too long….go with your gut instinct and you will know if it’s time to release it and let it go. (your inner guidance always knows….trust it)eileen-caddy-celebrity-quote-life-is-full-and-overflowing-with-the

So, happy Spring cleaning!  It’s a new month…it’s March.  This is a beautiful month of growth and renewal.  Release, let go of and declutter those things that no longer serve you.