Summer’s coming and So are our Insecurities…

Happy Monday Ya’ll!  I was inspired to write this blog post after seeing an Instagram post by someone I follow who is in the fitness community.  I know it touched me deeply as I still struggle with my own body image (I too have my bad days where I beat myself up, but I know enough now to recognize that self-sabotaging mindset and try my best to redirect my focus. I’m a work in progress…as we all are) and I know there are many out there that this will hit home with.



Summer’s coming. Ahhh, sunshine, warmer temps, lounging in the pool, sun-kissed skin, summer concerts, cook outs, and you guessed…LESS clothing!  Eeekkkk!!! Shorts, tanks, sun dresses, and swimsuits…..does the very thought of those items of clothing have you running for the hills yet?  If you are like most….summer time freaks us the F out!  It’s the time where we expose more skin (because it’s hot..duh…and wearing jeans and slouchy sweaters just doesn’t fit the bill anymore..haha) and our biggest insecurities come out.  You start examining your body as if under the microscope as you view it in the mirror…picking apart every inch, inspecting every lump…every bump…every curve…sucking it in, pinching your skin folds and we make ourselves feel… shitty…..we make ourselves feel real shitty.  I do it…you do it…WE ALL freaking do it! Honestly, we are our toughest critics and most people do not view us the way we view ourselves.




When I see girls rocking bikinis, shorts, or whatever they are rocking I’m not judging them….I’m honestly giving them a HUGE high five in my head.  Why?  Because I admire the confidence and self-love they exude wearing it because I wish when I wore certain things I did it with a carefree vibe and not worrying who is judging me or talking about me. (which they aren’t…my lovely Ego gets the credit for creating this dialogue I carry around in my mind)  I feel a sense of happiness when I see people wearing shorts with ease and I think they look gorgeous. I probably fixate on people wearing shorts because I’ve always been really self-conscious of my lower half.  Always…and will probably always be.  I’m working on it and working on just turning my focus to taking care of my body with movement and healthy nourishment.  I’m working on accepting the things I pick apart and just saying “screw it! I’m wearing what I want and I will freaking rock it”.  Because really…when it comes down to it…NO ONE really cares what you are wearing anyway.  It’s all about you.  Not them.  Because in the end…loving ourselves, who we are, and what we look like are what truly matter.



So I leave you with this bit of wisdom:  When you see a girl wearing a bikini, short shorts, sleeveless tops….do not judge them, do not pick them apart, and certainly do not make them feel bad for getting up that day with confidence saying “I’m going to wear a bikini at the pool today.” CELEBRATE them!  You have NO clue the struggles they may have with their body image.  You have no idea what they have overcome to achieve the body they so proudly display.  You have no right to judge another’s body. PERIOD. As women, we are SO freaking hard on ourselves and other women.  Let’s stop that negative thought process and start to uplift each other.  So rock it…rock those summer clothes with pride this upcoming season and stop judging ourselves as well as other women. ” What you say about another is a direct reflection of what you feel about yourself inside. ”

So if you find yourself on the end of judging others then I say to you this “What about yourself are you projecting onto others?”

Until Next Time…..


Hugs and Love,


Daily Rituals….Do you have them?


Happy Wednesday Ya’ll.  Today’s blog post is a random thought I had while meditating this morning.  I was all in my “zen” space when the thought about all the things I do first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep at night bring me a sense of peace and how much these simple things bring me joy.  My rituals are the things that MUST happen in my day or else it makes me feel off.  These are things that are not forced, but things that I do because I love how they make me feel.  They start and end my day on positive, peaceful, and happy notes.  I think creating rituals cultivates a peaceful, happy, and positive demeanor inside of ourselves that flows over to the outside world around us.  Taking care of YOU is of numero uno (throwing around some HS Español that sorta kinda remember. haha) important!  Remember what they say….”You can’t pour from an empty cup.”.  Take the time to do, enjoy, and practice those rituals that start and end your day on nothing short of a happy note.


Here are some of my MUST do rituals…..

1. Open all blinds and windows (weather permitting) on first floor.
2. Start brewing my cup of coffee
3. Apply my “Happy Nichol” essential oils to kick off the day
4. Burn my lavender incense
5. Drink coffee and eat my breakfast in silence while enjoying the birds chirping outside my window.
6. Do at least 10-minutes of mediation (this gets my mind right and my intention set for the day)

1. Apply my Gratitude Young Living essential oil to myself
2. Write out 10 things I’m grateful for in my Gratitude Journal
3. Do at least 10-minutes of Self-Reiki before I fall asleep

These may seem silly to some, odd to others, or nothing “special” to many….but these are  the things I do EVERY single day and night that make my day feel whole…complete.  This is just a quick snippet of what I do to start and end my day….I do a whole lot of other stuff in between as well : )


Do you have rituals you do each morning? Night?  Do you feel off when you don’t do them?  Do you make sure you do the things that kick off your morning on a positive note?  Are you making sure to do things that end that day in a happy way?  Take time to cultivate practices that align with who you are…do things that bring you a sense of peace. People are gonna judge you no matter what you do or not do….you might as well do what makes you happy.  After all….it is you who matters first and foremost in this life.  You can’t expect to take care of others if you aren’t happy yourself : )


What brings you joy?

Happy (late) Tuesday ya’ll!  Today’s blog topic is brought to you by some “self work”  and some writing exercises I am doing.   If you know me at all…you know I’m always reading self-growth books, listening to positive living podcast, working on myself…all while drinking my hot tea, incense burning, wearing my “hippie” Young Living oils, and probably listening to some chillaxing music in the background : )  Yep, that’s me…in a nutshell (mostly) . I like this Nichol and I think she’s pretty badass.  I feel most at peace when I’m in that “zone” doing those things.  I adore quiet time and freedom…….and when I get those moments I like to work on me.  It’s my fave thing to do (okay, okay….I sometimes like trashy reality TV and some Pretty Little Liars..haha…..or I love my Netflix!  Like right now….thinking I need to restart One Tree Hill or Mad Men again..haha) 



So today I ask you…when was the last time you followed your bliss?  When was the last time you checked in with yourself to say “Hey self….what brings your joy?”.  It’s probably been a LOOOOOOONG time for most of you, hasn’t it?  Why??  Why haven’t you explored what brings you bliss?  What makes you feel good?  What makes you feel most like you?  Right now, I want you to list out  things that make you feel blissful or bring you joy.  You can say it out loud, say it in your head, write it out in a journal, or you can put in on your notes section of you phone. Don’t think about it too much….just take a few deep cleansing breaths, clear your mind and then ask yourself.  Whatever comes to mind…let it flow.


I’m a big believer in checking in with ourselves and asking what it is that brings us our bliss.   These can be simple things too….it could be taking a long hot bath while drinking a glass of wine, taking a fitness class (hey…come take mine! haha), reading a book for 10-minutes uninterrupted, getting a facial or massage, going for a walk in nature, having coffee with a friend….whatever it is just do it.  It will make you feel better, it will boost your spirits, it will boost your attitude and your outlook.  A few things that bring me joy are:

1.Coffee in the morning with a quiet house (I usually go outside and drink mine when weather is warmer.  Hi Indiana….did you hear that?  Warmer please..pretty please!)

2. Being outside in nature. (nature is my fave way to clear my mind, connect with the Earth and to just recenter myself)

3. Teaching Fitness. (I love connecting with others and when I’m teaching I’m in the zone. I transcend to another level.  I feel free and fluid)

4. Reiki(I love being able to do this practice on myself, but more so on others.  I love helping to harmonize their energies and helping them move past blocks in their energies.  I love being able to help people. Doing healing energy work is very much a part of my soul and something I am truly passionate about.  When I’m doing Reiki for myself or others I’m doing something that truly flows with the joy I have in my heart.)

5. Coffee (because duh…it’s coffee)

6. My Young Living Essential Oils (I have my EVERY SINGLE DAY protocol in the morning that I do as I brew up my coffee.  I LOVE starting my day off applying them)

7. Incense. (I burn incense every single morning while I drink coffee and do some meditation. I feel so out of sync if I don’t have one going during this time of my day)

8. Meditation.  (yes, scary word I know. I use to think same thing too.  Some days I have awesome meditations,some days my freakin’ brain won’t shut up, and some days I don’t get it in…..but I try my best to make it a point to do AT LEAST 10-min a day.  I always come out of it feeling so good.  Try it…if you sit in silence for just 1- min a day…boom progress. Don’t let the word meditation scare you off….many people do it different ways.  Find the way that works best for you. )

9. Yoga.  (ahhh, I so love my yoga. I give my body the deep stretching it needs and it also pulls me out of my “I must do everything to perfection in exercise” mindset I tend to have. Yoga gets me out of my head and pulls me into a deep sense of connection with the NOW.)

10. Retail Therapy. (Hello…..I’m a girl and I love shopping.  I’m a spirit junkie who also loves some good fashion and girly makeup.  I love it and it makes me happy.  See…not all things are tree huggin’, tea sippin. and incense burnin’ up in my world….haha)

**Notice I didn’t put my “joy” into other people?  Yes, I love my friends and family….but you need to find things outside those relationships that cultivate joy on your OWN terms.  The joy and happiness we seek lies within us…not outside of us and certainly not in another’s hands**


So I leave you with this question….what brings YOU joy and bliss?  I encourage you to find it and do it….daily.