Daily Rituals….Do you have them?


Happy Wednesday Ya’ll.  Today’s blog post is a random thought I had while meditating this morning.  I was all in my “zen” space when the thought about all the things I do first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep at night bring me a sense of peace and how much these simple things bring me joy.  My rituals are the things that MUST happen in my day or else it makes me feel off.  These are things that are not forced, but things that I do because I love how they make me feel.  They start and end my day on positive, peaceful, and happy notes.  I think creating rituals cultivates a peaceful, happy, and positive demeanor inside of ourselves that flows over to the outside world around us.  Taking care of YOU is of numero uno (throwing around some HS Español that sorta kinda remember. haha) important!  Remember what they say….”You can’t pour from an empty cup.”.  Take the time to do, enjoy, and practice those rituals that start and end your day on nothing short of a happy note.


Here are some of my MUST do rituals…..

1. Open all blinds and windows (weather permitting) on first floor.
2. Start brewing my cup of coffee
3. Apply my “Happy Nichol” essential oils to kick off the day
4. Burn my lavender incense
5. Drink coffee and eat my breakfast in silence while enjoying the birds chirping outside my window.
6. Do at least 10-minutes of mediation (this gets my mind right and my intention set for the day)

1. Apply my Gratitude Young Living essential oil to myself
2. Write out 10 things I’m grateful for in my Gratitude Journal
3. Do at least 10-minutes of Self-Reiki before I fall asleep

These may seem silly to some, odd to others, or nothing “special” to many….but these are  the things I do EVERY single day and night that make my day feel whole…complete.  This is just a quick snippet of what I do to start and end my day….I do a whole lot of other stuff in between as well : )


Do you have rituals you do each morning? Night?  Do you feel off when you don’t do them?  Do you make sure you do the things that kick off your morning on a positive note?  Are you making sure to do things that end that day in a happy way?  Take time to cultivate practices that align with who you are…do things that bring you a sense of peace. People are gonna judge you no matter what you do or not do….you might as well do what makes you happy.  After all….it is you who matters first and foremost in this life.  You can’t expect to take care of others if you aren’t happy yourself : )



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