Being Enough….

Happy Monday and CHEERS to a brand new, spanking week friends!  All weekend long I kept hearing the whisper of “enough” in my ear and I knew that this was something I needed to blog about.  Maybe it’s more for me than it is you….but maybe you need to hear it too. I felt led to share…and that’s what I’m doing on this gorgeous, sunny day.

In a society that always telling us “more, more, more” I sometimes find myself saying “I am enough.” Simple as that.  Stop letting what you see, what you read, what you’re told, or what you have pushed into yourself as a belief system tell you that you aren’t enough.  I’m tired of feeling like I’m not “this” or I’m not “that”……blah blah blah…whatever it may be that day…I’m OVER it!  I’ve been really working on just allowing, breathing, being, and telling myself I AM ENOUGH!  I know I lead my life with a kind, open, and giving heart. I know each day I try my best to be better than I was yesterday.  I know that every damn day I’m doing and giving my best.  I know that with every thought, move, or comment I make I’m doing it from a place of love and trying my best to sprinkle my positive vibes errrrrrrr-where, you feel?? I am ENOUGH.


I’ve to a point in my life that I LOVE the Nichol that I’m evolving into.  I love the rhythm of life that flows within me.  I love where life is taking me and I’m realizing that I’m enough.  I check in with myself when I feel “less than” and ask myself “Why are you feeling this way?”  Well, more times than none…the answer will surface. I honor the answer as it comes out, acknowledge and let it go.  Seriously, LET that SHIT GO!



Be a good person. Show compassion.  Open your heart.  Don’t be afraid to communicate the truth when you need to. Come from a loving place.  Replace those negative vibes with positive vibes.  Drop the judge-y tendencies. STOP comparing yourselves to others. Be kind. Speak with a soft tongue. Spread LOVE  and NOT hate. Stop the gossip.  Above all, realize you ARE ENOUGH. I feel like when we realize this…all the self-loathing, hate spreading, and negative ways seem to fade away from us and our lives and we actually fall into a flow of much needed peaceful serenity in our lives. (remember, true happiness is cultivated from WITHIN us first)   Try it….what do you have to lose? (except some bad habits and negative vibes.)



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