Coming out of the “Spiritual Closet”…

Hey All! It’s been forever since I sat down to blog… has been busy and to be honest…I hadn’t felt like I had much to say (ha ha). That was until I came to the realization that I was not bloggin’ FULLY from my authentic self….the real deep parts of Nichol that I keep stashed away…hidden ONLY for the true souls I can feel will vibe with me on an energetic level.  (you know..the ones I can snuff out by reading their energy..haha).  It’s not that I don’t trust my friends…hell, even my close family…but it’s because I FEARED being judged hardcore or being branded “weird” or worst of all “fake”.  “Hi, I’m Nichol and I’m a recovering people pleaser.” (ha ha…aren’t we ALL on some level or another!)  I know my friends and family love and adore me deeply (you would too if you had me in your life…for real. haha), but it is scary as hell to say “Oh, hey I see your aura. Oh, I can totally read your energy and vibes right now. Oh, I flip and read oracle cards too. Oh, btw I have this random message that is coming in and I need to tell you this…..  Oh, yeah I also do Reiki energy work where I can sense what is going on in your body on a physical/emotional/spiritual level….oh and I’m gonna lay my crystals onto your chakras now.”  See….that would scare off most people right there and have you thinking, “WTF are you talking about and are you a voodoo witch or what?”  See!  See what I mean.  Scary as shit to let people know that side of you unless you know with certainty they dig on that New Age stuff.  But, I know what I do matters….I’ve helped so many people by doing what I do….and guess what?  That’s why I do it. I’m a helper and a Humanitarian…it’s who I am. And you know what? I’ve created new and lasting friendships with some of the coolest souls because of this journey I’m on. (So hugs to all of you Souls…you know who you are!)

Truth be told…I have been  tapping into this side of my life for the past 4 years or so…..but only just now really letting it out in the open.(See..if you know me….I’ve beee doing this for a while…not just this year. ha) Why now you ask? Because I’m tired of acting like this is weird, bad, or some voodoo magic witch craft stuff. It’s not…we all have the ability within us, but only some of us awaken to it and really embrace it…flexing our Spiritual muscles and getting back in tune with our Inner Source.  This is part of who I am and I love this side of me.  I am a light worker. I am an energy healer. I am an intuitive. My life’s purpose revolves around this and spreading messages of healing, love, light, and compassion.

Everything from being a fitness instructor, essential oil wellness educator, positive vibes spreader, and energy healer all scream: THIS IS WHO I AM WORLD! Yes, this is who I am.  This is me. This is Nichol.  Take it or leave it. One of the BIGGEST pills I’ve had to learn to swallow over this journey of self-discovery was learning that no matter what…not everyone is going to love me or like me. Yep, you can be the freakin’ juiciest peach out there, but inevitably there will be someone out there who hates peaches.  ( ha ha) And you know what? I’m okay with that.  Because I’m not for them and those people are not for me.  I’m right here being myself and living my truth….and the right people will align with my path.  (Yep-if you are rolling your eyes reading this or thinking I’m crazy…I’m prob not for you and you are not for me. AND maybe..just maybe I’m picking up on your energy right now and seeing how your view me. Just maybe….ha)

So…even though this was scary to write and put out there….this is another side to me that most people really don’t know.  And guess what? Now you do.  See…you learn something new every single day.

Hugs and Love,


2 thoughts on “Coming out of the “Spiritual Closet”…

    • Thank you so much for saying that. I really appreciate that and am happy my vibes extend out to you all through what I do in class : ) That is always my intention before I begin each class. Hugs : )

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