The Lens through which you view……

Hey Hey!  I’m back after a really long hiatus from bloggin’……. Sometimes I think we need that wiggle room to just live life, learn, explore, and be mindful….then when inspiration strikes we will be ready to flow with it.  Well, today mine struck as I waited to pick up my son from school.  The message to write about the “lens at which we all view life” floated in my head, said “Nichol….write about this”… I listened and here we are….a NEW blog post. (and…by no means am I a professional blogger. Just sharing my thoughts for those like-minded souls who may like what I write up)




Life is one BIG perception from our own lens( our own eyes)…a lens from which we view everything around us. This can change from day to day based upon how we feel that day.  Our reality is formed based on our beliefs, most dominant thoughts, and our subconscious “truths” we tell ourselves.(our internal world.) One of my fave lines from a song sings, ” And the world that you see on the outside, is a reflection of what’s on the inside, if you see something that you don’t like, check in with your own life.”.  Umm, how freaking perfect is that?  YES!  A lot of the time we are causing this struggle, resistance, and friction with life around us based on how WE ARE FEELING in that moment.  We are the creators of our experience while in this lifetime, we hold the paintbrush to the canvas at which we paint the picture(s) of our perceived reality, etc.  See the theme here?  YOU+Internal State=YOUR perceived reality. 

How often do you stop and really ask yourselves, “Hey, how are you feeling right now?” and REALLY…I mean REALLY REALLY listen to what your body is trying to tell you?  This is such a great, mindful practice to get into.  You can do this several times a day and I highly encourage doing so. (upon waking up, mid-afternoon, and before bed) This is a great way to get in tune with the ebbs and flows within you….to find out what’s going on and to work with yourself.  How can you help yourself and process emotions if you barely know who you are?  You can’t. You won’t.  This is why it’s so vital to get in-tune with your emotions, thoughts, beliefs…..and go from there.  Explore who you are at your inner core. Getting into the practice of being mindful of your feelings and then labeling those emotions can be incredibly insightful for you.

Here’s a really simple, quick way to get into the flow of your day to day emotions:

Start by simply sitting with yourself in a sacred area or spot(one that feels calming and sacred to you. Mine just happens to be outside anywhere in nature among trees), take a few really deep cleansing breaths, and just ask yourself, “How am I feeling right now?”.  Now, listen…just listen to what thoughts come to mind, what feelings you have in the body, what areas in the body may tense up, and identify that emotion or feeling you are having.  Hey-maybe when you first ask nothing comes up or you think “Ugh, I feel stupid…because this is stupid!” ( ha ha)….Just keep asking and surrendering into the moment and allow the feelings to arise. See what comes up……..Once you have done that ask yourself why you are feeling this way. Check in with yourself…what’s going on?  Identify what has happened or occurred that has you feeling this way.  (name it. feel it)  Then ask yourself, “What can I do right now in this moment to feel better?”  See what pops up.  Just listen. That’s it. Tap in. Tune in.  You are your best friend….we just need to build that beautiful foundation of trust with ourselves and lean into Source (Universe, Spirit, God, Goddess, Mother Earth, Soul…..whatever name you like to give it). Do this everyday and see how your mood or relationship with yourself (or others) improves.  This is such a great way to really get in-tune with what is going on within us because that my friends is what will spill over outside of ourselves and create our experiences.

Hope you enjoyed today’s quick little blog : )  I plan to blog more often and share my insights on things. If this resonates with you then YAY!  Have an awesome day!



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