About Nichol

Well, where to start.  I am a momma of 2, a wife, fitness instructor, passionate about healthy living (but I still have occasionally “not so clean” meal. GASP!), happiness enthusiast, positive soul sent here to inspire all I meet, guided by intuition and love, seeking to self improve every day and be the BEST me I can be (our only competition should be the person we were yesterday), level 2 Reiki practitioner (working to harmonize the energy in ones body.  Cool, right????), seeker of “my Divine Purpose” here on Earth (which everyone has a purpose…you do…I promise)  deep thinker, avid learner, love to journal, grateful for my life (and everyone in it) and always seeking to help others.  (Whew….got my vibe yet? ha ha)

I was led to the “blogger” world by my friend Sarah (she also runs a fab blog. Hers is all about home improvements and DIY ideas).  When I first was listening to her talking about me doing one I was first like “Cool, sounds interesting”…then was like “OH HECK NO!!!! I don’t want to put myself out there.  No one cares what I have to say!!!” (Well, some may not….and that’s okay.  I do it for those who DO care what I have to say).  For me, this is a HUGE deal to put myself out there and let others read it. (I have always had a fear of what others think about me…..something I can say I’m working on and have really improved upon.  Go ME!!!)  I think it’s important to do things that make us step outside our “comfort zones”……if it scares you (without harming you of course…haha) then it’s a pretty good indicator you ARE on the RIGHT PATH to something great and fulfilling.  I hope by putting myself out there it will help others who read this and also help me in learning to LET IT GO (singing it just like the song from the “Frozen” movie…).

So, what can you expect from this blog?  A totally awesome, random collection of stuff I want to blog about….spanning from fitness, nutrition (clean eating, dairy/gluten free), holistics, Reiki, my Spiritual Path, words of encouragement (If you know me…I’m HUGE on positivity….Think “Happy” by Pharrell.  Totally sounds like me. haha), helping inspire, random stories based on what I’m feeling that day and anything in between.

So….sit back, relax and read (or don’t…but really you should. 🙂  ) I hope you enjoy the thoughts into what I like to call “Nichol’s Happy Bubble”

Hugs and LOTS of Love!


2 thoughts on “About Nichol

    • Thank you Nikki : ) This is def a new, SCARY and adventurous journey I’m going to embark on. Something to help me grow, push me out of my comfort zone and to help inspire others around me (who care what I have to say in my blogs..haha). Thank you for your support : ) Hugs

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