Decluttering Life……

Clutter…we all have it and we all hate it! Clutter in our physical world, clutter in our emotional selves, clutter in our spiritual realm and clutter in our mental game….clutter, clutter, clutter!  I, for one, loathe clutter in my personal spaces…but I still find myself having it (ha ha).  Clutter clogs up the energy flow man…like for real-o!  It keeps us hanging onto old things we no longer use, things that no longer serve us, things that don’t make us feel good and things that just make us feel blah.  Why do we do this?  Sentimental value?  Lazy? Just don’t wanna deal with it?  (probably a good mix of all of those).  Well, I’m here to say it….get to DECLUTTERING your life people.  It makes you feel SO SO SO much better.  “How do you know this Nichol?” you say…..well, because about 2-weeks ago I decided enough was enough. I had it with holding onto things that I wasn’t needing or using.  I was ready to purge, simplify and clean up ALL areas of my life.  OUT with the old and IN with the new….right? When we clear the old we make room for the new to flow into our lives.  Yes, right on man…right on!


So, like I mentioned about 2-weeks ago I decided I had had enough of clutter or having things I know we didn’t need or use. I went on a purging frenzy. It started in our kitchen.  After I deep cleaned it I started to think “Let’s clean out EVERY drawer and cabinet. If it’s not in good shape or we no longer use it….it’s getting tossed or donated.”  BOOM! Done!  Cleared out all the things that were no longer needed here. Next up…our bedroom.  I went through all of our books, files, clothes….everything in that room.  Decided what needed tossed and donated….and cleared that room out. After doing that I deep cleaned that room…TOP to BOTTOM!  Scrub, scrub, scrub.  I added some plants…rearranged some furniture and let me tell you…the energy of that space was amazingly calm and yet vibrant at the same time.  Who knew that clearing out stuff that no longer served us, moving the furniture around and adding plants could improve it so drastically???  Amazeballs.  I told people that I was seriously Feng Shui’ing the shit out of my house…..I wasn’t joking. (haha).  I’m determined to get energy balance in ALL areas of my life……. To simplify, clean up and live an even more vibrant life : )  Life just feels and flows better when everything is singing in perfect harmony.  (although…I still have to tackle the kids rooms…oy! Toys, clothes…ugh. BUT, we are doing it…soon!)


This isn’t just for your “physical” or “material” things….this is a great practice for your emotions, situations, the people you hang out with or surround yourself with, etc.  ALL of those things effect your energy, attitude and moods. Trust me….cut the energy sucking cluttering factors in your life and you WILL feel better. Trust!

Ask yourself the following:
1. Does it make me feel good?

2. Does it inspire me or drain me?

3. Have I used it in the past year?

4. Does it bring me joy?

5. Do these situations fulfill me or make me feel empty?

6. Do these people make me strive to be better?

If whatever you are asking about does not bring you joy, make you feel good, inspire you or you actually use it….then why are you holding onto it?  These are the things I ask when I declutter any area of my life.  Don’t think about it too long….go with your gut instinct and you will know if it’s time to release it and let it go. (your inner guidance always knows….trust it)eileen-caddy-celebrity-quote-life-is-full-and-overflowing-with-the

So, happy Spring cleaning!  It’s a new month…it’s March.  This is a beautiful month of growth and renewal.  Release, let go of and declutter those things that no longer serve you.





Listening to those “Idea Fairies”……

Hey All! I’m back. Did you miss me?  I know, I know…looooong hiatus from blogging, right?  Well, you know….as they say…creativity flows when you allow the process to happen and stop trying to make it happen.  For me, this could NOT be more true. The more I stress and push for new ideas in anything I do (blogging, creating routines for my fitness classes, new inspiration, etc) the less they come to me and I get that lovely “creative block”.  BLAH! That’s bad news bears for us creative people….am I right??? So, now with all aspects of my life I will let it flow, come to me when the time is right and I listen.   The more I “let it flow” the better, faster and more frequent these creative sparks come to me.  Winner Winner chicken dinner!


I was reading one of my many books (I’m the girl reading like 3 or 4 books at once. Book OCD much?? haha) and she talked about how when “creative sparks” or “idea fairies” visit us it is OUR job to acknowledge it and take action on those ideas. They come to use for a reason and it’s our duty to play with it.  The more we acknowledge it, play with it and take action of these Divine sparks of creative awesomeness… guessed it….the MORE it will occur and the faster it will happen. Guess what happens when you ignore them or “put them on the back burner”?  Yep, you got it. They go away and pretty soon they stop visiting us. She stated that these “idea fairies” like to be played with and they enjoy when we notice them.  This isn’t saying every single idea or spark of inspiration that comes to us is going to turn out to be the best thing ever….but you must listen and explore it.  You never know what good ideas are being whispered in your ear for you to act on.  If we don’t listen….it will whisper to someone else…someone who is listening and takes actions.  Don’t miss out on those inspired chances.


How many times has the most random idea popped into your head and you ignored it?  You know it’s a really cool idea that should be explored, but BAM….fear sets in and you stop pursuing that idea.  I know that I for one….am guilty of this.  I let fear of sharing aspects of myself hold me back, I let fear of “Oh, they won’t like this…oh they won’t like that…Oh that’s probably not a good idea…..No one cares what I have to write about….Why would anyone want to come to me for this???”   So many silly “fear” factors have caused me to shut down pretty cool ideas.  Why do we play this game?  FEAR….FEAR…FEAR!  We let fear hold us back in many ways and areas of our life.  This is something I am learning to let go of.  Who cares what other people say, think or feel about what you are doing?  If it’s not hurting anybody….then do it.  Life is about expanding, creating, living your purpose, pursuing your passion and being unapologetically your most authentic self.


So, here I am. Back in action and ready to blog about whatever random inspiration is whispered into my ear by the “idea fairies”.  No more ignoring it or worrying whether people are reading it or liking what I’m doing.  I’ve learned that when people are ready for your energy, what you have to offer and what things you can inspire inside them…they will find you….but ONLY when they are ready.  This I am 100% certain of.  Until then, I will keep being my authentic, upbeat, happy, loving hearted, inspiring and positive natured self……those who need that….they will find me. Sooner or Later.

Until next time……



What I really think about “selfies”…….

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!

I read a really interesting article earlier this week that stated if you asked people to name 10 things they loved the one statement that rarely ever made the list was, “I love myself.” Whoa! That hit me. I started to think about that….what would I say if I were approached and asked to name 10 things?  Would I say I love myself?  Probably not.  I feel like “loving yourself” has gotten such a bad wrap or labeled as “self-centered”.  Newsflash friends, it’s not.  Loving yourself is not a bad thing….it’s actually a good thing.  What a sad thing to think that in a list of things we love that loving ourselves never even came to mind.  That’s a sad statistic to me.  Everything we feel internally presents itself outwardly to us… think about this….If you don’t love yourself, how do you think you view the outside world? (food for thought….think about it)


With today’s technology and social media venues like facebook, twitter, instagram, snap chat, etc (to name a few)…selfies are everywhere. Maybe you are one of those that love to take selfies (maybe you take a few or maybe you take a lot ; ) ), maybe you hate selfies (insert the eye roll you do every time you come across one in your feed. You know you do it…..haha), maybe you take selifes BUT never post them because you don’t want to be picked apart for your appearance or maybe you NEVER take selfies because you don’t feel good about the way you look.  Whatever category you fall under when it comes to selfies….we ALL have an opinion on them, right?  Wanna know mine? I’m pro-selfie. Yes, I said it…I LOVE selfies. I love seeing them, I enjoy taking them and I’m an advocate of “the selfie”. You might be curious to WHY on Earth I would feel so passionate about the act of taking a selfie, right? Well, let me first start of by saying that I was not always that way. I was that girl who would see them in her feed and (gasp) roll my eyes and think “How full of yourself are you to post these selfies?” (I mean, HOW dare these people post pictures of themselves looking gorge while I was rocking pj’s, glasses and a messy bun??? haha).  Then one day I stopped myself as I came across a selfie and found myself going to that space in my head (“OMG…another selfie? Why?”) and I asked myself “Why do I even care that others post selfies???”……BOOM, it hit me….I WAS ENVIOUS! I was envious at how beautiful they looked in that moment, that they rocked confidence like nobody’s biz and that they were courageous enough to post it and not give 2 craps what others thought. They were posting pictures of themselves because they FELT GOOD! What’s wrong with that? Nothing…nothing at all.

Let me take a selfie

So, that got me to thinking more about the “selfie”. Why is it wrong to take a picture of yourself when you feel pretty, when you like your outfit, when you like how you look at that exact moment, when you feel that your makeup is “on point” or when you are simply just feelin’ yourself??? When did having confidence and loving yourself become a bad thing? I mean, WHY NOT promote that “I feel good and I love myself” attitude? In today’s society where we measure ourselves up against celebs, magazine covers or even everyday people we are constantly feeling a “lack of” or “not enough” mentality. We aren’t skinny enough, we aren’t pretty enough, we aren’t smart enough, we don’t have thigh gap (seriously, that shouldn’t be a goal……if you have it naturally, good for you, but for others who are trying to obtain this look…stop.) We need to STOP tearing others down and we must STOP tearing ourselves down.  Selfies to me are NOT narcissistic…’s a form of self-love.  When did loving yourself become this taboo subject that people cringe when you talk about it?  Stop listening to the opinions of others or the “Oh my gosh….selfies are stupid. They are so full of themselves.” I’m here to say: TAKE THE DAMN SELFIE! Screw what others think. Love yourself and POST IT!


So instead of bashing the selfie….embrace it. And guess what? IF you hate selfies there’s a super genius action you can take….KEEP scrolling past it. ( haha). Stop judging people for posting selfies because you don’t know their backstory of why they posted it. (stop assuming the meaning of ones actions…) We need to promote more self-love and be less judgey (I know, not a real word….but I’m using it anyway grammar police! Ha ha)  The next time you find yourself judging or rolling your eyes at someone’s selfie, please ask yourself “Why does this bother me?”  A lot of times the answer says way more about you than it does the other person.


ME! Yes, I posted a selfie….and guess what? I felt good and felt pretty. People are gonna judge you no matter what you do…so post it anyway : )

So do it….post that picture of yourself….maybe even hashtag(yes, I said hashtag it for all you hashtag haters) #selfieforNichol. I for one think you’re beautiful and I think you ROCK for loving yourself.

Till next time…..

Manifest it Monday!

Well, would you check me out???? 2 blogs written in under a month! Go me!  Today I had a great idea to talk about manifest goals into fruition.  Mainly because I have some BIG goals of mine that I’m working toward and I will manifest those into reality!


So, for many of you who know me…I’m a highly spiritual being (not in the sense of “church goer” per say…and there is nothing wrong with that if that’s who you are, but that’s not how I work). I’m very in tune with my spiritual side and always working at growing it. I have a really vast, deep side to me in that aspect (too much so that I won’t blog about it too long here…save it for another post I suppose)  For me, I’m a big believer in ENERGY (Universal, Godly, Spirit, Higher Self…etc)…energy everywhere that connects us to all things around us and all things that come into our path.  Everything is made up of energy and on it’s own frequency……depending on how we are tuned in (our attitude, choices, thoughts and even the words we use) and tapped into the Universe’s energy all decides what comes into our vibration aka our path.  (there you go..a little Law of Attraction and energy briefing for you).


I know that all my thoughts, words and actions are setting things into motion that will eventually hit my path….so for me, I use visualization a lot to help manifest things into my path.  (Have I lost you yet? I know some people may think these sorts of topics are crazy out there and that’s okay…..some aren’t riding the same wavelength as others and that’s totally fine). When I say “visualize” those things you want….you have to really see and feel ALL the things you want.  Feel the emotion you get when it’s here, how every single detail plays out, what it looks like, etc.  FEEL IT ALL!  I do this myself and it works.  Visualize friends..visualize.  (If I’ve lost you on this process…go and watch the documentary “The Secret”…..Law of Attraction.  Good stuff in that doc )


I’m telling you……once you make positive thinking, gratitude, kindness and loving vibes habit…good things happen.  Good energy is contagious and attracts that like energy into your path…it connects us in amazing ways to people, opportunities and situations that feel almost magical.  Broaden your way of thinking and trust the processes of the Universe….and so much will blow our mind in ways you never imagined.  The subject of spirituality (and so much more that it encompasses)  is something I’m passionate about and can gab on and on about with those who are ready to expand their path.  We are all here to share stories and teach one another….and I feel this is just ONE way I’ve been placed in many paths to help shine a light on. The more I blog…the more I will invite you all in to understand and see the depths of my spirituality and free spirit : )

Just remember, our thoughts hold such power. What are your visualizing and manifesting into your path?


Friday Thoughts… Nichol : )

Hey All…it’s your resident “monthly blogger” Nichol. ( my official title since I seem to blog only monthly..ooppsie!).  I always intend to blog more often…but hey, life happens and I get lazy (eekk!).  I am def not a perfect human being…I get pulled in many diff directions, take on too many projects or get laid up on my couch nose deep in a Netflix series (can I get a raise of hands on who’s with me on that??)  Sometimes we just gotta roll with the punches and do what we feel like doing.  Some days I’m a rockstar knocking out my “to do” list like Mike Tyson and other days I’m a lazy rockstar who does what she HAS to do…and then spends my free time watching Netflix or my DVR shows like it’s my job.  Hey….sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do….and sometimes that involves a whole lotta of nothing in my book.  So anyway…there’s my life summed up into a paragraph.( haha)


So, a random thought I had…..I was reading a blog the other day and it was really empowering.  It really made me think and realize…this chick was onto something.  She was talking about how we all strive for the “perfect body” and why we need to STOP and just love what we have…RIGHT NOW.  Guilty as charged!! Totally me…..I’ve always been this way for as LONG as I can remember. (yes, I too suffer from this….I’m a girl and I’m human:)  )  As much as I really hate to admit it…..I’ve been mean to myself and my body.  Telling myself “You’re fat”, “Why are your thighs SO BIG!”, “Ugh, I need to lose blah blah blah weight!”.  Pretty sure MANY of us have this inner dialogue with ourselves.  It’s an everyday battle for me….something I consciously work on daily.  It’s hard man…really hard.  We have celebs, magazine covers and all these things around us that try to tell us “how we should look”.  I catch myself wishing I looked like so and so….or totally focusing on a part of me I hate.  I’m human……BUT after reading her blog I started to think “Why am I wasting SO much time focusing on these things that I don’t like or want to change??”   I know that focusing on those things DO NOT change or help a thing. They only bring me down and make me forget all the things I DO love about me.  Her post opened up my eyes to STOP bullying myself and just rock what I have while continuing to create a “Healthy Nichol”.  I don’t need to look like Jlo(although she’s got an amazing body!), I don’t need to look like you…..I need to look like ME.  Body Shaming is such a crazy thing…..we shame ourselves, we shame and judge  other people…’s a violent and vicious cycle we MUST stop!  So today….I’m asking each of us to look in the mirror and focus on something that we LOVE about ourselves……not something we hate.  The more we love ourselves, the more we can love others.

i love me

Until next (month..haha) time…..Love, light and positive energy : )


Living Our Purpose

blog Happy Friday (or as some say Happy Fri-YAY!) Everyone! So today as I was cleaning my kitchen I was thinking about my blog and ideas of what to blog about. Lots of different things came to focus…..different topics, ideas, divine words….but the when “living our purpose” popped into my head I got this “Yes, let’s blog about this today!” . So today I shall ramble on about finding our purpose and living our purpose (we all have one you know….it’s true, we do!)
life on purpose
Do you ever just see, watch or read about people who are doing what they love while making a difference?  We watch with such envy and awe inspired minds as we soak in these magnet people who are living their purpose.  I think it’s incredibly heart warming when you meet people so passionate about what they do.  No matter how big or how small the difference they are making…they are living their passion and purpose to the fullest.  We all have a purpose that we are  called into action to do on this planet and it’s our job to share it.  I feel like a lot of times our passions are our inner calling of what our truest purpose is.  Maybe it’s being a mother, being a teacher, creating, leading…whatever you feel driven to do, that’s your purpose. What’s your passion? What makes you come alive? What gives you a sense of happy vibes?
For me, my purpose is to help others….I def feel I embody the role of a Humanitarian in all I do.  I love to help, to inspire, to promote positive change and love to educate.  (fitness instructor, nutrition counseling, wellness coach, positive vibes spreader, kindness sprinkler, happy soul,  Reiki, Essential Oils….you catch the theme, right??) I’m a creative soul who thrives off of helping, while inspiring others.  It took me until my mid-20’s to finally take that HUGE leap and do what I was passionate about. (let me tell you, I was SCARED leaving a great paying Corporate job where I held a great job title) It was scary, but I knew my purpose was NOT to sit behind a desk. (who knew 6 years ago I would be making the best change to my life….and for the better)  I knew my passion was being with my kids, teaching fitness classes, being my own boss, helping others and doing what I felt in my heart was my purpose.  Following my purpose has allowed my life to unfold so many positive changes and allowed the Universe to bring opportunities, people and situations to my path.  I have been given the gift to turn my passion into my purpose. We ALL have beautiful gifts to share to those around us…..finding your purpose does not have an expiration date. I encourage you all to find your passion because that passion will lead you to your purpose. Inspired Ideas + Passion= YOUR purpose : )

Love, Light and Happy Vibes All!

“Oh, you use essential oils? You must be a hippie……”

Ahhh, yes….the lovely assumption that one who uses essential oils is a “hippie”, “crunchy”, “granola” or a “tree hugger” (hey, if you are those things..rock on and keep on keepin’ on).  I’m here to tell you that YES, YES I am a “hippie”….a MODERN DAY HIPPIE that is : )  (if you follow me via FB or IG you will see I always hashtag #moderndayhippie….and I have been for a long time now). I have considered myself to be just that for the past few years or so (about the time I jump on my spiritual path)….why you ask?  Well, it’s because I want you to know that I am just an average girl, wife and momma who does the best she can to incorporate holistic practices and into my life/family life.  I don’t think living the “hippie” or “all natural” lifestyle is a “One Size Fits All” or “cookie cutter” kinda life.  I wear lipstick, I wear heels, I love shopping, I am girly…but I also use oils, I meditate, I burn incense and I def live/led a spiritual lifestyle.  So, as you can see I am a new breed of holistic loving ways….I AM a Modern Day Hippie (I think it’s cool….and I think you should totally become one too. Not trying to sound all “cult” like either..haha) 

Okay, back on task…back to essential oils.  I got started with Young Living toward the end of Nov 2014.  I had extensively researched the oils, companies, their uses, what they could do for each of us, etc.  I began using ones from health foods stores topically for issues I had….and I LOVED their effects.  If you know me, you know I’m all about natural, New Age ways of doing things…..oils are something I always wanted to add to enhance my family’s life.  BUT, what I always found weird was that I had read where you could “ingest” oils (let’s say…like Lemon) BUT NEVER anywhere at my local health food stores could I find a bottle that said it was safe to ingest (they all would say DO NOT ingest). Weird right?????  So I began to search the internet for oils you COULD diffuse/apply topically AND INGEST.  This is where Young Living came into play….jump forward again to Nov 2014…..I watched a webinar from someone (who would later become my mentor and now, friend) where she discussed YLEO. Right away, I was excited!  FINALLY….oils I could use ALL 3 ways! SOLD SOLD SOLD!  I signed up, ordered my kit….and that was that. I ONLY wanted these oils for personal use…that’s IT!  It never crossed my mind…”Hey, I think I will build a biz too”.  (seriously, I’m SO NOT a direct networking kinda seller….).  BUT, here I am…..building my YLEO biz. (so, let’s jump below to part I discuss my thoughts on this too)

So, over the past 4 days I was lucky enough to attend an EO conference in Nashville, TN where I heard speakers discuss YLEO, the company, products and motivated you to find YOUR purpose in life (if you don’t know Heidi Swapp….she kinda rocks in my book.  She gave the BEST talks at this conf. I wanna be her BFF.  Heidi, can we???) For me, some sessions rocked more than others(eeehmmm, HEIDI!!!) …..but I did learn lots.  As I looked around I realized just HOW diverse the group of people were who are in or using YLEO.  Old, young, men, women, married, single, mommas……..and yes, stereotypical “hippie” kinds of people.  BUT, everyone there had one major thing in common….they LOVED YLEO and these products changed their lives. I love that! (that kinda energy just fills you).  So, all in all….I left those sessions feeling inspired to change people lives….to help them… get everyone I know or meet using OILS! (some of the product info I saw really blew my mind)

BUT, BUT…..let me tell you things that rubbed me the wrong way. (what I’m about to say….says nothing about the company’s values at all. The company itself has beautiful core values that I fully believe in and love. )  If you know me….you know that I have the passion and heart of a Humanitarian. I TRULY live, breathe and act with all I do to help others.  It’s why I was put here, I know it.  I’m here to help, inspire change and shine my light. With that said….. that is WHY I decided I wanted to builed my YLEO biz. I wanted to spread the positive message of this company, to share the info of HOW awesome these products were for us…TO HELP enhance peoples lives. Inspire positive change.  That was my MAIN objective..and still is.  I had that discussion with my husband when I decided to jump into the biz side…I said “You know, maybe I’m being naive…but I don’t focus on the biz side of this at all. I think more along the lines of helping people. I just want EVERYONE to have the chance to learn, to use and to watch how it changes their lives. Is
that the wrong way to go about this?”  He quickly told me it wasn’t.  He gets me. He knows I do everything I do to help others.  Those who get the chance to know me quickly see that side of me.  I do all I can to help others…and I expect nothing in return.  I just want to offer my gifts where I can and to help.  (you get the picture…Nichol is striving to help…Modern Day Hippie with a splash of Mother Teresa. Right?? haha) 

So..this brings me to my next point…while attending this conf I noticed a common theme among those I interacted with or convos I overheard.  “What’s your rank?”, “How many legs do you have?”, “Oh, you signed up to use and not sell? I did it for the biz
opportunity”…and so on.  This….THIS…so rubbed me the wrong way.  Why does it matter what rank I am? How many sign ups I have? How many legs under me I have??  WHY?  (if you are reading this and are in this biz…this is not a jab at you….I get it, it’s a biz you are building….so sometimes we think “biz’ talk) Those convos really sat deep in
me and really upsetted me.  I mean, I just felt like that was the main focus…..I’m all for “growing” your biz…go for, do it….but really ask yourself….ARE YOU DOING it to HELP others or are you only in it for the money?? (do you know how many times I wanted to say that outloud?? BUT, me being a fresh, little newbie..I bit my tongue.) What is your
purpose?  What is your message you are presenting to others?  To say those talks and/or people left a bad taste in my mouth is an understatement. Yes, I want to do well in this biz…but more importantly I am SO completely focused on getting people using these oils. That is my MAIN focus…100%.  The biz side….not on my radar. (yes, I talk about it..
but it’s not my “WHY”) I’m sure the girls who I went to the conference with were on edge to even discuss biz tactics..and for that I apologize (haha)…but it just really took away the powerful statement of “changing lives” that I felt like should be a bigger theme than “Man, how do I get to that rank!!!”  After I got home I was talking about the conf,oils and such with a friend. I told her “You know, I’m prob a rare breed in this biz…I have the mindset of
getting people to use the oils, that’s it.  I am not focused on the biz side.  Probably not a smart idea, but I feel like if I lead with the intent to help others than the biz side will come naturally and then it will just totally suprise me.”She told me “And that’s why you will go far.”.

I just have a strong belief that if you do things with good intentions and a good heart….the rest will fall into place naturally. So that is exactly what I’m doing.  I’m leading with the good in my heart and “running” MY biz  as I see fit.  If it feels good…do it.  That will take your further than just doing it “that way” because that’s how you think you are suppose to do it.  That motto has never failed me.  SO that’s how I AM personally choosing to
share my love of YLEO….and eventually the biz side will pop up, jump in my face and say “YOU rock sister….look at ALL these lives you are working to change.”  That’s the message I want….and that is the message I shall get.

Thank you for listening to me ramble on about oils, how I got started, what I love about being in this “biz”, what I dislike and listening to my rambles.  (if you want more info…feel free to message me!)  Just remember to ask yourself in anything you do…What is my purpose?  What message am I conveying?  What impact am I making and what impact do I want to make?